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Mar 22, 2010 03:12 PM

humane raised veal in san diego?

When I was recently up in SF at the Ferry building farmer's market, I came across pasture raised veal from a local farmer.... do we have anything like this down here in SD? or has anyone seen pink veal in a store (sign that it is humanely raised)?

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  1. The 4H clubs at the High Schools raise the animals humanely and then auction them off on the last day (July 4) of the San Diego County Fair.

    (El Capitan in Lakeside is one of the schools-I don't know if they sell outside of the Fair)

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      "raise the animals humanely and then auction them off" -- does this mean you have to butcher the animal yourself?

    2. I don't know the source of their veal, but you might try calling Homegrown meats in La Jolla. The raise their own grass-fed, pastured beef.

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        You have to be careful with Homegrown. Some of their meat is grain fed. Last time I was there, the grass-fed selection was disappointingly small. I have better luck at Whole Foods, generally, which pains me because I would rather support someone local.

      2. You are looking for "Rose Veal", but sorry I can't give you a SD source. (Now ask me where to get kangaroo steaks in SD and I can help you. You might have to go mail order on the veal).

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          Is kangaroo legal in California? The only thing I could find was SB 880, which would make kangaroo products legal again, but couldn't find if it passed or not.

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            You can try Bisher's in Poway, they usually get some off the wall stuff such as Alagator or possibly Kangaroo, so they might have access to the Veal you are looking for. You can also try Cowboy Star's Butcher shop. They don't have it on hand from the last couple times I stopped by but could order it for you. I'm sure most Butcher shops you can approach about ordering.

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              When I inquired about GF beef at Bisher's, I got the don't carry it, never will response. That being said it's a nice shop with a friendly staff, would not hurt to call and check.

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              Tioli's has kangaroo burgers, or they did last year at least.

          2. good news! I figured out that Whole Foods-Hillcrest carries Strauss Free Raised Veal
            They don't have a label on it, but after asking 5 butchers, one of them verified the source as Strauss. btw-I've had similar experiences with both whole foods (hillcrest and la jolla) where the people behind the meat counter have no idea what they're selling. they just say "yes" to all my questions. oh, and "its all natural" as a tagline, as if it will answer all my questions about the source. The best was when I asked the first meat counter guy if it was Strauss veal, and he goes "its all natural, no hormones, all humane" etc. but when I pointed out that didn't answer my question as to the source, he says "why does it matter, don't you trust me?" but i pressed him to find out and the manager verified it as Strauss veal.

            Homegrown meats La Jolla, while my fav source of beef in SD, carries a northern CA veal. however, over the phone the store sounded unsure of the differences in veal production since they don't raise it themselves and couldn't verify which type they have access to.

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              "I've had similar experiences with both whole foods (hillcrest and la jolla) where the people behind the meat counter have no idea what they're selling"

              I couldn't agree more. You would expect that WF would train their people better than your average supermarket. I got more knowledgeable answers from the people working at the meat counter at the Ralphs in LJ than WF

            2. I don't quite understand how a calf they will never see adulthood humane let alone limited, at least there's some, sun exposure.

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                you do realize that most beef comes from young animals anyway. also humane raised veal is not from babies any more.