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Mar 22, 2010 02:52 PM

Intimidating Food?

Most of us here actually enjoy making foods, so I ask:, do you find that people who have tried your foods are sometimes reluctant to have you over in return, because they think you expect something extreme or whatever?

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  1. Yep, to an extent.

    We're friends with a couple who had us for dinner on Tuesdays for like six consecutive weeks We only brought the beer or wine or whatever.

    So after the venue for our dinners didn't have to be their place anymore we finally had them over. I had tried a delicious bacon-jalapeno popper (with panko breading-yum) at a new pub in town, and decided to recreate it at home. I also did beer-battered kielbasa-and-veg kabobs. All turned out very well, and they loved it. They made comments about having to step up their game and I felt kinda...bad.

    It ended up being fine, we've still been bouncing back and forth and they seem to have taken it as a friendly challenge.

    So yeah, I just really love cooking and eating and all things food. Not outdoing my friends. :) I hope they all understand that by now.

    1. My boyfriend is actually intimated to cook in front of me. (So he says.) I would never in a million years critique a meal made for me, but since I have a culinary degree he won't cook. We have made things together but if I tell him all the stuff is in the fridge. He will never go up and cook it even when he is starving. He will just go out and buy something.

      It's weird.

      1. Yes, that happens all the time, most recently after my stunt with radish jello and butter rocks. Or that they think they need to make an 11-course tasting menu for me because that's the way I like to cook.

        I don't mind whatever someone makes (except maybe Indian and something with lots of yogurt and raisins, but I won't say anything), it's just a matter of convincing them that it's more fun just to sit around and shoot the breeze over a plate and a glass.

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        1. Yes - I don't do extreme food, but I'm into food, write about food, appreciate great food, enjoy cooking and thus several of our friends say that they worry about what they might produce for a dinner where I'm a guest. But I love all kinds of food and I love not having to cook . . . and what's more, the company is important to me, too! I'm not into fussy, and I'm not fussy. But there is an indimidation factor, I think, esp. for those folks who hate to cook and don't do it very often. Pizza or burgers/dogs on the grill are great, seriously!


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            Agreed - I think true foodies are able to enjoy all kinds of food, though I must admit there is a bit of a showoff factor in making fancy food for guests, when I usually cook really simple food when it's just me.

            1. My really close friends aren't touchy about it. They just make fun of my food obsessions and enjoy the dinner parties.
              But I've noticed that other people assume I am judging their abilities or food habits when I'm not at all! So they may not feel they have to up their game, but they anticipate judgment. Which is unfortunate. As others on this thread are saying, I love everyday food as much as more complicated creations.