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Mar 22, 2010 02:15 PM

near Cobble Hill, Brooklyn - Looking for a place for a wedding dinner

The wedding rehearsal will be in Cobble Hill.

I am looking for a recommendation to a good restaurant where they can host a dinner for about 40 people. We would like a place that is quiet enough for conversation and has good food. There will be some vegetarians attending so we need that option to work.

A Cobble Hill location would be ideal, but someplace near by would also work. Maybe Brooklyn Heights?

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  1. Frankies 457 Sputino on Court Street has a nice backyard patio/out building that might work. I went to a reception there a few years ago and it was great.

    1. I would think that accomodating 40 would be tough as most restaurants in this area are relatively small.

      Perhaps Queen might work, but think that might be too small as well.

      There might be some places that have special rooms for large parties. Marco Polo in Carroll Gardens is such a place. But that wouldn't really be my taste in food (not that the food is bad) or decor. But others migh like it.

      Frankie's Spuntino (a bit further afield) also has a private event space behind the restaurant that can accomodate 20-40. You can give that a shot.

      Sam's of Court St. probably has the room, but I would really only recommend the pizza there.

      1. Maybe the roof deck of Alma on Degraw and Columbia.

        1. How about someplace near Cobble Hill like Brooklyn Heights?

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            You are welcome.

            Did you notice my mention of Queen (Brooklyn Heights) and Sam's (Cobble Hill)?

          2. It's a tough one... we were hoping to get married in Cobble Hill Park, but lack of immediate venues for a reception made it impossible. Bocca Lupo said that they could probably accommodate up to fifty if we didn't mind sticking a few people at the bar...

            A thought - Tripoli has a private party room that would work. It's a bit goofy, and the food is good but not transcendent ... but it fits the parameters?

            Bocca Lupo
            391 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11201