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Mar 22, 2010 02:13 PM

Ice cream in Philly

I need to find a place to get ice cream (etc) semi near the Waccovia for after a game/show, so a place open until atleat 11 pm on weekends (Sat night specifically)
Any ideas?

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  1. Depending on what time of year, you can go to Pop's Water Ice on 13th and Oregon Ave (They offer a few soft-serve and regular ice cream flavors).

    Otherwise, there is Millie's on 15th and Shunk, but I'm not sure if they are open that late.

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    1. re: Philly Ray

      I guess I should have said we'd like to sit,eat and chat too. We could go into Center City if we must (we will have cars). Any other ideas? Thanks!

    2. If you're willing to drive, I'd go with Franklin Fountain or a Capogiro location (I think they're open fairly late?)

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        We went to Franklin Fountain Saturday night. It was crowded and a little pricey, but it was so good and well worth it, even though we had to park on Walnut St! Thank you so much for the recomendation!

      2. cream.....
        Here's my take on the options available in Center City:

        * Capogiro: definitely the best in terms of interesting and innovative flavors (love the dark chocolate and the hazelnut baccio) , and the texture is creamy without being overwhelming (probably because it's gelato instead of ice cream). My favorite!
        * Franklin Fountain: more "traditional" than capogiro in terms of flavors but the ice cream sundaes and the floats can't be beat!
        * Scoop DeVille: really yummy mix-in combos are the highlight of this place. The flavors and toppings alone aren't that special, but mixed all together they are amazing!
        * Sweet Endings: fro-yo with do-your-own toppings. The toppings are mostly fruit, so it's a healthy option, but the flavors of the fro-yo itself aren't anything to write home about
        * Yogorino: more European-style, the fro-yo truly tastes like frozen yogurt (i.e. the tangy, not super sweet flavor of yogurt) instead of ice cream. The toppings are good, and it's not as heavy as other do-your-own topping places.
        * Sprinkles: this might be kind of far because it's in University City, but I LOVE this place! Mix-and-match flavors of non-fat (but still tasty) fro-yo, and tons of toppings to choose from. Definitely better than Sweet Endings.

        Have fun!

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          MMMMM! Thank you! I so want ice cream now.