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Mar 22, 2010 01:24 PM

BBQ on Orchard?

Passed a BBQ joint on Orchard right below Houston. Looked good but did not smell like BBQ or Smoke when I entered. Anyone venture in and eat?

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  1. That's Georgia's BBQ you're talking about and it's amazing, best ribs in Manhattan in this guys opinion. Definitely check it out... big platter sized servings w/two sides for under $20. Also, their delivery is stellar.

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      Last weekend when the weather was so nice that entire hood was blacked off from traffic and the streets were filled with people. I am so there next nice day to enjoy some BBQ. WIthout a smoker, how do you think the ribs are prepared?

    2. I've been, and was somewhat impressed (mainly because I thought it would be awful). It's a fine meal if you are on the block and hungry but I wouldn't venture out of my way for it. The pulled pork passed this Georgia girl's test (its more of a NC-style/Georgia-style BBQ not Texas or KC).