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Mar 22, 2010 01:14 PM

Relatively Cheap Hole-in-the-Walls in Hampton Roads

Howdy! My husband and I are new to area and are looking for a place to go to where we can enjoy a beer in an outdoor area and some tasty food... We are young(er) and not into the whole hipster scene. It seems like places we have tried are either way too nice to go to on a regular basis or don't have an impressive beer list. I would appreciate any suggestions, especially those in VA Beach THANKS!

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  1. Margie and Rays on Sandbridge Rd., the Boardwok, Bullies in Great Bridge has 25 cent shrimp and dollar domestics on Tuesdays, and 25 cent wings on Thursdays.

    Boardwok Restaurant
    1993 Sandbridge Rd Ste 109, Virginia Beach, VA 23456