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Mar 22, 2010 12:49 PM

2010 Dine In Recommendations

So Brooklyn Dine in has been in full swing for over a week and Ive been trying to figure out 1 or 2 places to go before the week is up. Most of the dine in menus are not posted on websites so I figure Ill ask Brooklyn chowhounders if there are any places they have gone to the past week that they liked for dine in and if they could share their take on the individual dine in menus that they ordered from.

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  1. My wife and I went to Chestnut and it was mixed. I like that their menu is a selection of various options (3 courses) for $25/pp. For $30/pp, you can choose a 3 course dinner from all of the a la carte options. A nice variant from the normal resto week menu that is often a reflection of plates that you can't normally find on the menu outside of resto week. The apps we had were the salt cod brandade and the gnocchi, both of which were very good. My wife had the smoked pork chop and that was excellent. I went for the braised oxtail and thought it was very bland and uninspired. I gave this feedback to the waiter when asked and he didn't seem surprised. Which leads me to believe that I wasn't the first person to have that reaction. In all, it wasn't a bad meal and a good value for $25 or $30 considering their normal prices. I won't rush to go back but i'm not mad that I went.

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      Aurora in williamsburg was good. The portions were plenty and we shared everything, which was a good balance. We started with the arugula salad and squid appetizers. The squid was a bit too salty but balanced with the arugula salad it was great. Then we had the pork shoulder and the ravioli. The pork shoulder was pretty tender but the homemade ravioli was better - very light and fresh. I think it was The other entree option was the skate wing. They had 2-3 options plus 1 vegetarian option for each course. Dessert was pretty good too, not to sweet which I like.

    2. Applewood=outstanding.
      Probably fully booked for remaining day, but arrive early and eat at the bar.

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        we walked in as a party of three last weekend on the later side (830/845ish). we called to see if it was a possibility and were told that they had a table, but wouldnt hold it. luckily we're not too far away.

        the fish they were featuring was really fantastic. the salad i had was a bit plain but very well done.

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          In case anyone is interested I much preferred Aurora to applewood because they actually put out interesting options. applewood's 3 courses were pretty disappointing. First course salad or potato soup. We opted for potato soup expecting something creamy and got unseasoned broth with a few chunks of boiled potato. My friends ended up asking for salt because it was so bland. (even for my low sodium tastes).

          The entrees were somewhat better - a pork dish that was kind of dry and a striped bass. The bass was made well, not dry luckily, but there was nothing about the flavors that would make me order it again. Desserts were ok - I had an apple crepe.
          I'd heard so much about applewood I was really looking forward to trying it. Unfortunately this meal gave me no desire to return. I know its only $25 for 3 courses but I can easily make a much better pot of potato soup for cheap.

      2. I went to Okeanos in Park Slope; it was my first visit. My whole grilled fish and vegetable sides were good but not outstanding, and certainly nothing I couldn't easily make myself at home. (The other main course option on the DIB menu was lamb). That's just the kind of food it is, though, and not meant to insult the restaurant or the chef.

        It was a pleasant dinner and our waitress was very nice, but since I prefer more insane food I don't see a reason to go there again. It was probably just the wrong choice of restaurant for me.

        People looking for fresh simplicity will probably like Okeanos. An exception to the overall freshness of the food was the side of dandelion greens, which were DRENCHED and dripping in oil.

        314 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215