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Mar 22, 2010 11:58 AM

dinner near MoMA

Hello. Any new favorites we ought to try? I don't want a steakhouse or strictly seafood restaurant, but otherwise anything goes Thanks!

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  1. I'm not sure if your post meant you were looking only for new restaurants or existing restaurants that were new to you or other posters, regardless, what about just staying at the MOMA and going to The Modern (Dining Room)? Easily one of our NYC favorites.

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      Dining Room is a little pricy for me but i LOVE the bar room :) took my parents for my mom's bday and they loved it too

      1. re: Spiritchaser

        I second The Modern. You can't beat it for convenience and food. But also close by is Nobu 57.

        Nobu 57
        40 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019

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          Do you have to pay the entrance fee into the museum before you can go to the Bar at Moma - or do you get a concession for MoMA by eating at the bar? Or are the two unrelated?

          1. re: Melendez

            No, there is a street entrance to the restaurant if you aren't visiting the MOMA, this is in addition to being able to access via the museum.

          1. re: Peter Cherches

            I had been a fan of Beacon. The food is good (not great) but I have found the service to be awful, despite the seeming legions of staff. Had brunch there with a party of 4 a couple of weeks ago and, for example, 3 requests and 15 minutes to get a cup of tea, 3 entrees served and a wait for one that was wrong, repeated requests for bread, waits for coffee, milk for coffee, long wait for the check. This wasn't my first experience with poor service -- something is off there...I do LOVE the Bar Room at the Modern, actually prefer it to the main dining room, and have not found it noisy as others seem to. Request a table alongside the wall that divides it from the dining room.

          2. Please keep the recs coming! I meant new but, come to think of it, would love to hear about Chowhound favorites, new and otherwise. In any event, I am not a big fan of The Modern but perhaps we ought to give it another shot. Peter, thanks for Beacon and the blog link - both look great.

            1. We just had a stellar meal in the Bar Room at The Modern.

              Photos here:

              But since you say you'd like to try something new and different, Seasonal Restaurant & Weinbar is on 58th, b/t 6th & 7th. Superb Austrian-inspired cuisine served in a very pleasant setting. A little over a year old, it's been awarded a Michelin star.

              Seasonal photos can be viewed here:

              and here:


              1. Hey, here's one I haven't brought up in a while (so my suggestion is based on past wonderful, but not recent, experiences) but how about Aquavit? Beautiful, albeit austere, dining room with really well perpared food. Service was always very good.