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Mar 22, 2010 11:47 AM

No. 7 Sub Shop

I checked this place out for lunch today. Only had the ceviche sandwich, but it was quite good. Here's a portion of my "review" (as much as you can call trying one sandwich a review):

The sandwich was unique, seemingly designed to stimulate a wide spectrum of textures and flavors. A base of lemony ceviche (not sure what type of fish) was covered in crisp cucumbers, avocado, red onions and micro-greens. The crunchy, fried hominy offered a nice textural counterpoint to the softness of the rest of the ingredients while adding a slightly corn-y aftertaste to the sandwich which marinated with the fishy finish of the ceviche itself. I didn't really taste the advertised "Tigre de Leche" mayo, beyond a slight creaminess. The bread was also quite good, with a dark brown crust and a nice bite, it clearly makes a strong sandwich bread.

Anyone else try some of their other sandwiches?

No. 7 Sub
1188 Broadway, New York, NY 10001

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  1. I tried it today too -- had 2 sandwiches because I wanted to sample, and because I'm a pig. Roast beef w/ pickled blueberries and smoked Gouda was delicious. Very good roast beef -- no boar's head here. The blueberries and gouda really complement each other nicely, lots of back and forth between the almost winelike BBs and the, um, smokey gouda. Maybe I missed it, but I didn't notice any doenjang on the RB; it seemed to have migrated to my other sandwich, the turkey Cubano w/ picled daikon, chinese mustard and swiss. This was an interesting combo of flavors, too, but ultimately less successful -- it was too salty for me, I didn't love the turkey (nothing specifically wrong with it, but it just didn't impress me as the roast beef did), and the doenjang (if that's what it was) was a little overbearing in combination with the strong mustard. The pickled daikon was good, thinly sliced, nice flavor.

    I would rather have a good traditional cubano than the one No. 7 served, but I'm glad I tried it; the roast beef, on the other hand, can hold its own against more standard versions. Based on one visit, I have a third sandwich shop to add to Lamazou and Defonte's in my work lunch rotation.

    Also, I'm skipping dinner.

    1. thanks for the quick reviews.

      are the sandwiches substantial enough for $9 each?

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      1. re: travpard

        They're small, definitely not a bargain, but they're not outrageous for high end, creative, yuppie sandwiches. They're about the size of sandwiches from wichcraft or lamazou, which are simlarly priced. One is just barely enough; two is too many, as I discovered. I would feel great about paying 6 dollars for one; i feel grudgingly ok about paying 9.

        1. re: travpard

          Well, it was a pretty substantial sandwich and it's clear they're using quality ingredients so $9 seems fairly reasonable. I was (mostly) full after eating the ceviche one, so I can imagine the roast beef was even more filling (especially with smoked gouda).

          1. re: ChiefHDB

            Noob, I would say it was significantly larger (and a better value) than some of the sandwiches I've had at wichcraft.

            1. re: ChiefHDB

              Yes, agreed. And slightly smaller / more expensive than lamazou.

          2. re: travpard

            i went two weeks ago and had the ceviche also. tasty, but pretty small. not filling enough for $9.80.

          3. Be very wary of the bread situation. I tried to go at opening, and there was no bread. Not at 1130. Not at 1145. Not at all. They weren't very nice about it either, explaining that it has to come from Brooklyn, as if that's some kind of excuse. They also note on the Web site that they run out of bread at night as well. I'd wait on going until they have their act together and are a little nicer.

            No. 7 Sub
            1188 Broadway, New York, NY 10001

            1. Tried it tonight -- loved it! Got the roast beef sandwich and the asparagus sandwich. Liked the roast beef--loved the asparagus. plenty of goat cheese on it, and great textural interplay. No one would be more surprised than myself to prefer a vegetarian sandwich! But do give it a shot.

              1. I just had a great sandwich from no. 7 -- mile end smoked meat with chinese mustard, lychee muchim, and potato chips. Really explosive flavor -- salty, sweet, spicy, vinegary, gingery, pow! I had pretty much written off no. 7 -- good, interesting sandwiches but not always wow good, and too small for the price when I'm equidistant from Defonte's. This sandwich, though, I will go back for as long as it's on the menu. I think I would rather have one than a katz's pastrami sandwich, and that's saying a lot.