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Mar 22, 2010 10:53 AM

Szechuan Restaurant- Wilmington, DE

OK, so I want to try this place out, but have heard mixed reviews. I'm willing to listen to those who say to order off the Chinese menu, but have no idea what to get!! Can some of you give me some "must-have" dishes and an idea of what that dish consists of? I'm pretty open to new things, but the husband might shy away from things he's not familiar with. Thanks!!!

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  1. I've not been there yet but they do appear to have some interesting looking items. Just two of you? I'd go for the Spicy Beef Tendon, Chicken with Hot Pepper, Lion Head Meatball and a vegie dish. I see they also have Peking Duck which I will try one of these days. Your husband will just have to take one for the team and be adventurous!

    1. Having been a frequent visitor to Shang Hai and to Szechuan a couple of times I can't say we've ever had anything we didn't like. Some of our favorites include Chinese Leeks Wonton Soup, Scallion Pancakes, Steamed Pork Dumplings, Lion Head Meat Ball, Sauteed Sour Vegetables with Pork. If you go and there's something you're not sure about, they've always been more than happy to answer any questions and give you a fuller description of a dish.

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        The soups on the authentic menu are fabulous.

        Szechuan Restaurant
        3615 Kirkwood Hwy, Wilmington, DE 19808

        1. They have two distinct menus - one with American-Chinese standards and another "Authentic Chinese Menu" with 68 dishes in which a mixture of Sichuanese, Cantonese, Shanghainese and a few Northeastern Chinese dishes appear. They also feature a dreadful looking buffet at lunch and dinner that is to be avoided at all costs. I stopped in last week and sampled a few dishes:

          Spicy Beef Tendon - here is served in whole tubular pieces instead of the more usual slices, which make it easier to eat.

          Chicken with Hot Peppers - not bad, could have been spicier.

          Lion Head's Meatballs - they do a decent job here on these.

          Sauteed Celery with Dried Tofu and Celery - this was my favorite dish. Very light.

          The owners are quite friendly. I think it is worth going to if you are near Elsmere/Prices Corner but it does not top Yi Palace.

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            Szechuan Restaurant

            Celery, dried tofu, and chicken or beef is one of my favorites. I always ask for the Chili oil sauce on the side so I can spice up my dish. I think this dish is so good is because of the textures.

          2. I started ordering from the Chinese menu after sampling this food during Chinese New Year. We have been going to the buffet weekly for at least 5 years. I love sumer hot foods and like sliced steamed beef and steamed pork sliced. I have had most of the chicken, beef, and pork dishes from the Chinese menu. All have been great. The staff is very friendly and goes out of their way to welcome us. Actually I didn't know I have never had real Chinese food before this.

            Szechuan Restaurant
            3615 Kirkwood Hwy, Wilmington, DE 19808