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Mar 22, 2010 10:48 AM

Foodie Advice for Newtown, CT

In early May I will be doing some house sitting in this area, will have access to a car as well as a GPS. Please give me an idea of what unique and/or local spots I should hit both for dinning out as well as food stores. Particularly interested if there are any local specialities here that can be gotten no where else, or are best purchased here. I like most any cuisine including Thai, Mexican, Sushi, Indian, Italian, Greek, Seafood, white table cloth establishments, little dinners etc. Most specially interested in any veggie or healthy choices. Also cafes or nice fresh bread places for breakfast as well as good lunch spots are interesting to me. Would like to concentrate in an area of a radius of no more than about 30 miles. I will be cooking in some nights, eating out others. Recs for a good wine shop or imported food store would also be helpful. No need to include TJ's or Whole foods since I can look up those locations easily and will certainly hit them if in the area. Is there any place I can get some good fresh oysters, mussels, shrimp? Are there any farmers markets or good fresh produce places that would be interesting to check out? Lastly, I will have daytime as well as evenings free to explore. This is quite an all inclusive request, but would appreciate any info you can send my way.

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  1. Given your list, you might be better off housesitting somewhere other than Newtown!

    Very little in the way of special/interesting/unique/local within Newtown itself. Danbury has some ethnic that might be worth a trip (Pho Vietnam, Pancho's Tacos, several Brazilian places) but it may not compare to wherever you normally do your dining out. Also in Danbury under your "veggie or healthy choices" I would recommend Sesame Seed.

    Head to Good News Cafe in Woodbury for a special lunch or night out.

    Your 30 mile radius covers a LOT of territory, but Newtown is very spread out, so depending on where you will be you might be able to head up to Litchfield, for example, or to Greenwich, but not necessarily both.

    If you're not familiar with New Haven pizza that's worth a trip under the local specialties category. There's a long thread on the subject that was just revived which is worth reading, IMO.

    Sesame Seed Restaurant
    68 W Wooster St, Danbury, CT 06810

    Good News Cafe
    694 Main St S, Woodbury, CT 06798

    1. If you're willing to go 30 miles there are loads of options in Fairfield, Westport, and potentially Norwalk (depending on your exact location in Newtown). In Newtown itself, the choices are limited but I will recommend Kings for a breakfast/brunch (they also have home made raspberry bread, apple bread, and another flavor or two) as well as El Coyote for Mexican.

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        Kings is highly overpriced and without any ambiance, tables with attached benches that are usually found in the cheapest of fast food chains, and a lavatory the opens directly into the dining room, Yecch....................

        As for New Haven style pizza (and I am a native), try Carminuccio's on Rt 25 Newtown, save the trip into New Haven.

        If the OP goes up RT 25 over the line into Bethel, there is a new Asian Fusion>>>Fuji J Asian Bistro-Sushi Bar
        68 Stony Hill Road, # 7,
        Bethel, CT 06801

        (203) 730-9993
        in front of the Big Y supermarket and next to the Starbucks. My wife and I had lunch there this week. It is absolutely gorgeous (they must have spent well in excess of a million dollars, far too fancy for the area) with excellent Japanese and Chinese with other choices. My wife had Chinese, I had a duck Pad Thai that was out of this world. At lunch it was $7.95 including soup and choice of rice. IT was one of the best I have ever tasted and easilly worth $15.95. There is a sushi bar and the fish looked very fresh. Lots of well trained staff.

        5 minutes further up the road is the Old Heidelberg German Restaurant>>>
        55 Stony Hill Road
        Bethel, CT 06801-1157
        (203) 797-1860
        Excellent German food and beer
        worth the trip

        Avoid El Coyote, bad Mexican-American food.
        Franco's Pizza in the RT 25 shopping center with TJ Maxx had passable red sauce italian. The Chinese restaurant in that center:

        New Wok Restaurant
        228 South Main Street, Newtown, CT 06470-2780
        (203) 270-3738‎

        Has very good food, but is overpriced for the portion size. You will not feel overfull, and don't expect to take home leftovers, or be able to have 4 people dine on 3 mains.

        El Coyote
        838 Main St, Monroe, CT 06468

        New Wok Restaurant
        228 S Main St Ste D16, Newtown, CT 06470

        Franco's Pizza
        228 S Main St Ste E1, Newtown, CT 06470

        Old Heidelberg German Restaurant
        55 Stony Hill Rd, Bethel, CT 06801

      2. Not technically a healthy choice, but there is Ferris Acres Creamery on Route 302 (Sugar Street) in Newtown - they're planning to open late April or early May, specific date TBD.
        Really, really good ice cream made from their own cows' milk.

        If you did venture into New Haven, the Saturday Farmers' Market goes weekly in May. Fresh veggie-wise --- well, it's early May in New England, but there is always something available.

        The market also has seafood - local lobsters, clams, and oysters from Dolan Brothers in Guilford. And local meats - mostly-grass fed, pastured beef from Four MIle River Farm; goat meat and pasture/mother-raised veal from Blue Slope Farm; and chickens (which you do have to pre-order because they slaughter to order) from Stone Gardens Farm.

        Speaking of Stone Gardens, the farm is in Shelton, a town neighboring Newtown. Their farm stand opens in May.

        I also second the Carole Peck's recommendation, or John's place across the street from her (they're both on Route 6).

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        1. re: harrie

          oooh - I completely forgot about the creamery!! Great call, harrie! Forget about healthy and go for the great taste and the UNBELIEVABLE value for the money. (Trust us...order a small...there's no way you'll finish a large!!!)

        2. The Newton General Store at 43 Main St (Rt. 6, West of Rt. 25 -look for the nearby flagpole) is a deli and grocery and a great option for lunches and take out. We have often stopped there for lunch while travelling on I84. They make tasty and filling sandwiches to order (egg sandwiches are a specialty). They might be related to the Misty Vale Deli on Rt. 34 but have not stopped there. There is also a pretty good Newtown Deli at 79 S. Main (Rt. 25).

          1. I think by the time you are house sitting the Organic Farmer's Market will be open for the season in Sandy Hook. It's on Tuesdays from 2:00-6:00.

            This site will help also: