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In honor of Spring, what are your favorite things to grill?

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We just got a charcoal grill yesterday and made burgers, with cheddar and bacon in them. As a side, we grilled zucchini, onions and red pepper and made a quinoa salad with lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper. I say we, but I actually mean my husband. So what are your favorite things to grill now that it's grilling weather (at least on the east coast)?

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  1. Lamb chops; salmon; shrimp; steaks; corn; asparagus; green onions.
    We love the grill . . . more and more as we move into the warm spring and long, hot summer.

    1. As already mentioned, lamb chops and grilled asparagus. I also make a grilled ratatouille salad - grill eggplant, onions, zuchinni, large portobello mushrooms, leeks and yellow squash on the grill. Halve some Roma tomatoes, throw them on for only a minute or two. Toss all the veggies with a mustardy balsamic vinaigrette and serve at room temp. The veggies listed are only a suggestion, really just about any combo works here.

      1. Steak, Chicken, Cajun Shrimp, BBQ red potatoes, corn on the cob, veggie medley (zucchini and yellow squash, red and green peppers, fresh mushrooms and wedge sliced onions) done in a grill basket.

        1. Last night our wole meal was cooked on the grill: rack of lamb rubbed with fresh rosemary, garlic, olvie oil, salt and pepper. Zucchini marinated in a little salt, pepper, garlic oil and sherry vinegar. And new potatoes in foil - I cube the potatoes and add chopped shallot, olive oil, salt, pepper, fresh herbs (dill is great). Wrap tightly in foil and stick on the grill for about 30 mins.

          We also LOVE grilled asparagus. And someone esle mentioned green onions - for a Spanish treat, try them with some Romesco sauce -amazing.

          Enjoy your new grill!

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            I was just remembering a favorite meal cooked on the grill, of a butterflied boned lamb shoulder, seasoned within an inch of its life and clamped in a hinged wire basket. I have a pierced square steel bowl that I set on the right half (this is a 3-burner gas grill), and first I dumped in about a pound of fingerling potatoes, parboiled and then held in seasonings and olive oil, and then a mess of young green beans treated similarly. The vegetables were tossed until blazing hot and beginning to stick together, then put into a bowl and the lamb de-racked and after a short rest sliced. Such a normal, simple meal of things we normally eat together, transformed into something magical using nothing but fire.

          2. Brie!!

            I'm not kidding. Make a relish with 1 pound of cherry tomatos and 1 pound of pitted cherries mix with a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil (coupld of tbsp of each) and bake in 250 oven for an hour (cookie sheet with parchment to save on scrubbing) stirring often. When it looks like a good relish you are done. It's thick and mounds up nicely.

            Very carefully and with a thin knife slice the rind off the top of a round of brie. Mound the relish on it. Place it on a cedar plank that has been soaked all night. Bbq at 400ish for about 10-15 mnutes with the lid down. peek at it often to make sure it doesn't get runny.

            The part I have not figured out yet is serving it. You can't get the cheese off the plank without making a mess so I slide the whole plank onto a serving platter and serve with a big basket of sliced baguette. It's not really pretty but it's fantastic

            This is hands down my favourite bbq appy. Soooooooo good!!!

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              this sounds really good, i am going to try. We made a Thanksgivingish one like this and it got rave reviews! Our favorite thing on the grill is grilled bread, then rubbed with garlic and finished with a little evoo and salt, I bet this would pair well! Forget app, I could eat this and bruschetta for dinner everynight!

            2. More power to you if you're grilling this week - where I am on the East Coast it's 40 degrees and raining!

              But when the weather warms up, the hubs starts the fire and we love grilled asparagus, pizzas on the grill, potatoes cooked in a foil pocket with olive oil, garlic, S&P, marinated chicken, ribs, over-the-top burgers once in a while, in summer grilled corn on the cob, kabobs of all sorts, grilled peaches/other stone fruit.

              We ditched our gas grill and got a charcoal grill last summer and it reinvigorated my love for grilled food . . . otherwise it was just a PITA for - easier to cook on my inside gas stove, frankly!


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                do you cook your pizza directly on the grill or on a stone? this is going to be the summer of grilled pizza...thanks

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                  not gansu girl here, but a lover of grilled pizza; not on stone but directly on well-seasoned or oiled grill. I've found a pizza peel sprinkled w/corn meal. essential; also, go light on toppings--you don't want the pie too heavy. Get your grill very hot. Pizza cooks in than 5 minutes on my (covered) grill. My friend does hers on an uncovered, very hot charcoal grill. Takes longer but is still delicious.

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                    yep, we're in the no-stone camp with nomadchowwoman - have to admit that my husband is the one that does this, but this is his method - oil the grill well, shape the dough and grill on one side 'til done, remove from grill w/peel & corn meal, top the cooked side w/toppings (and yes, go light) and then slide uncooked side onto oiled grill again. I think he covers it b/c he gets better melting on the cheese, but either way, it's the crispy crust and delicious char-taste from the charcoal that keeps us coming back. I literally can't get enough of his grilled pizza - can't wait for good weather here!


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                      I always put my dough on a stone in the oven until it is firm enough to cook on the grill. This way I can do three or four shells ahead of time. I always thought if I put the dough right on the grill it would droop down a little setween the grill and make a wavy crust. Not the case? What makes it not droop? ... I guess the grill bits are not really that far apart so it wouldn't droop...maybe? Just never had the guts to try.

                      I'm gonna try that this weekend! Gas guy is coming to hook it up to the house gas line this week!! I can hardly wait to get grilling!

                      1. re: julesincoq

                        I've never had any problems with droop (at least as far as my pizza dough's concerned), the heat of the coals sets it quickly enough. And I like putting the lid on to get a nice melt on the cheese, too.

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                          No, the dough does just fine on the grill--it's really hot--but, I like your idea for do-ahead reasons. With my method, I'm making one at a time (two now that I've gotten a second peel). But I've always wanted to be able to make pizza for a group and not have to stretch the dough and put on toppings between each cooked pizza.

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                            I build my fire on one end and use that for the initial sear, for lack of a better term, then flip it to the cooler end and let folks put their toppings on right on the grill. Then I only need one peel. Put the raw dough down as soon as I flip the first one over. But it's hard to do more than 2-3 at a time, just not enough room for folks to get around their pizzas.

                  2. We love lamb, leg of lamb is especially good on the grill.

                    Also asparagus and artichokes, in a grill pan. Always steak, and swordfish, we don't eat salmon. Shrimp and veggies in the grill basket also.

                    Also large portobellos to use in sandwiches. Of course we did baby backs last night. We are lucky we can grill almost all year.

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                      Ditto the portobellos. I did some this weekend with a garlic/tarragon mayo that were awesome; ate them just like burgers. My wife made the comment that she didn't want hers to end it was so good. And likewise asparagus.

                      I got a chuckle out of the poster who mentioned the 40 and raining. Saturday night I grilled in the snow. I've actually grilled pizza one time in the midst of a Michigan blizzard. Once we were done the wind kicked up so bad it blew the Weber across the yard.

                      As for grilling pizza, I've always done it right on the grill. Using fresh made dough, put it over the heat and when it puffs up flip it, move it off the direct heat and dress it as you like. Makes for a fun gathering, actually, everyone brings different toppings.

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                        That's funny about the grill flying across your yard!

                        We had a grilled pizza party 2 years ago with 2 other families. Lots of fun! Have to do it again this year.

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                          You're a stonger man than I am, Scott D (heck, I'm not even a man!). I just can't get psyched about grilling in my foul weather gear, even though I'm a hardy New Englander by birth and breeding . . . give me a braise or a roast in that weather, and save the grilling for fair weather, I say!


                      2. We are going to have to do some lamb on the grill as soon as it stops raining, that sounds delicious! Asparagus is my favorite grilled vegetable, but every vegetable is better grilled. Our gas grill needed $200 in parts to fix, so we decided to just make the switch to a charcoal grill instead, for less $ and it's great so far. It takes longer, but the flavor is so much better.

                        1. butterflied leg of lamb. sooo good! and also the riblets from lamb chops!