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Mar 22, 2010 10:08 AM

Anthoy's Coal-Fired Pizza: Horsham

Recently opened, in the Welsh Road shopping center where Baby's R' Us is located. Has anyone been? We just went with friends to an amazing pizza place in Trenton -- DeLorenzo's.

Very thin crust, with the cheese on the bottom. Not the pie I'm used to, but very very good. Salads were awesome as well. Am looking for a great thin crust place in the area, and Anthony's caught my eye.

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  1. If anyone can find a pie as good as DeLorenzo's in this area I will worship them. Glad you made it there Patti! Did you also stop by The Italian People's Bakery? I cannot resist going there for their fresh torpedo rolls, Italian pork from the deli and Porfirio's ravioli and manicotti from the frozen case. Sigh. I remember when DeLorenzo's had pasta fagioli and cheese steaks as well.

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      Actually we met friends in New Holland & drove to DeLorenzi's on a whim. We went to the one in Robbinsville (quite a ride), and didn't get there until 8:15 or so. Worth the trip!!! They were trying to describe the original place on Hudson (or is it Houston) -- the place without a bathroom. When they asked for a menu, the guy holds up 2 pizza pans, one large, one small. They also learned pretty fast that if you are going to go BYOB, you had also better BYO glasses.

      1. re: PattiCakes

        I've been to the original DeLorenzo's in the 'burg many times and have always used the bathroom at least once. You just start walking towards the kitchen and you are politely waved in to the immaculate small bathroom. The kitchen staff is very nice and someone always opens the door and turns on the light for me, so no biggie at all. They have a menu at the original place, I guess they were just joking with you. The waiters still wear the red bow ties as always. Sigh. Too bad they are closed on mondays, this thread is making me hungry.

    2. Anthony's pizza in Horsham Gate plaza was excellent!! The chain started in S. Fla. and they are slowing but surely moving north, now in Wilmington, Del. and Wayne, Pa. as well. I like pizza well done, and that is how they serve it there from the coal oven. This place fills a gap in the Phila metro area, nice atmosphere, and they have a bar as well. Everything was fresh, fresh, fresh. Very reasonably priced, and great service at Anthony's. There were a lot of couples, and couples with young children because it is affordable, yet classy. Tacanelli's is good, but too much hype. It's not THAT good, and I think it is insulting to have to order dough ahead of time at the Richmond St. location. Typical Philly attitude that is a turn off.. Been to all the places in New Haven and surrounding area as well, also good, but again, not worth the hype. I have been to DeLorenzo's many times, the original, it is also very good, a different pie in that it is a Trenton tomato pie, I happen to like Tony's tomato pie on Frankford Ave in Mayfair section of Philly much better than DeLorenzo's. If you like your crust crisp like I do, you will like Anthony's

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        I have to disagree. I found the crust not to be 'crisp' but actually burnt. I didn't like the taste or texture of it (think burnt cardboard). Right after eating there, I ran into a friend and shared my experience. He agreed and brought up Taconelli's in terms of it being way better and worth the trip. I'll never order pizza at Anthony's again, but I would like to try the wings.

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          I had the wings. They were fantastic! My husband is in love with their pizza. I also really like their house Italian salad.

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            foodie527, that's what makes the world go round. Too bad to hear your experience with pizza at Anthony's wasn't a good one. Been quite a few times and great each time with the crust just the way I like it. Been to Taconelli's several times and again, don't get the hype. It's a good pie, but having to pre-order the dough? Pretty ostentatious IMHO. In fact the pie at the Moorestown, N.J. location is better than Richmond Street. Ordering dough ahead of time? Give me a break!

        2. Anthony's Coal-Fired in Horsham is right around the corner so we frequently end up there. Very good thin crust pizza, altho we did once have a very overdone (burnt) crust. They were happy to replace it with a perfectly cooked pie. Love the fact that they also have a bar. This is not your typical pizza place. I agree with crazyspice--the house Italian salad is so good, and all very fresh. The wings are marinated and baked--never fried--and still come out crispy! I never eat wings, but they offered a sample and I love them!

          1. I've been to the one in WIlmington twice now and wanted to chime in with a thumbs up for this place. The meatball and ricotta pizza has a place in my dreams now. I'm a sucker for ricotta on pizza and theirs is wonderfully creamy with these little mini homemade meatballs... yeah, I'm going to have to go back again soon.

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              Just went there thursday night. I have to agree with foodie 527. Not only was it burnt cardboard but my fingers were black from (I assume ) the coal dust.. I did not like the flavor that I would attribute to the coal and I found the sauce and meat balls kinda bland. Like a chain that is trying to please everyone. The wings which were just oven roasted and lacking seasoning were good, the carmelized onions they spoon over top seem to be an after thought to get $8 for a plate of ok wings. Back to Arpeggio.

              1. re: seagulls1

                i agree, would rather go to arpeggio (or grandma's grotto) any day of the week.

                i like crispy/burnt things, so that isn't really my issue with the pizza at this place... but the sauce and toppings just totally lack flavor in my opinion. the salad was fine, nothing special. totally overpriced for what it is. went with a friend and got 2 small pizzas, a salad, soda and focaccia and the bill was pushing $50. kind of silly!

                1. re: missfunkysoul

                  I had dinner last Tuesday there. Started with the Anthony's Salad.. large mound of iceburg lettuce with a few things that resembles tomatoes, onions, cucumbers thrown on top. Definitely big enough to share.

                  Pizza.. half broccoli rabe and italian sausage, and half arrugala Too much cheese on the broccoli rabe part. Arrugala was ok. Agree with the comments about sauce, but I believe that they can be overcome by personally adding pepper, garlic oregano etc.

                  Crust. This time I didnt have any complaints about the crust. Definitely thin, didnt get the coaly burned taste that I have other times.

                  I think the net of it all is it depends who is cooking the pie. I am curious if anyone could compare this to Pietro's in CC. Its the only other coal pizza I am aware of in the region.

                  1. re: cwdonald

                    Bacco, at the intersection of 202 & 63, is also coal fired and pretty tasty. I don't think it's as good as Arpeggio's, but now I'll have to try Anthony's for comparison.

                    1. re: gaffk

                      We went once. My wife loves thin pizza but we were both turned off by the burnt bottom & odd taste. The service was very friendly & quick, despite being packed. We both had salads beforehand & they were standard chain fare....serviceable. I definitely prefer Arpeggio, although no pizza around Ambler has wowed me. I was spoiled in the Norristown/Conshy area with easy access to Charlies. My all time fav.

                      1. re: knappy123

                        We used to enjoy Charlies (and also Franzone's, Perrota's and especially Penny's up by Limerick. Norristown always seemed to have sweet sauces, but blends of cheese other than gummy Mozzarella. Also, medium thin, crispy crusts (often with corn meal ... Charlies' is still around ??

                        1. re: phillyjazz

                          charlies' is still around. same crummy decor, same employees, same great pizza. Franzone's in Conshy was always a controversial pick. My old business partner thought it was the best pie ever. such a sweet sauce. I always enjoyed it, but others we we would take there could not stomach it.