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Mar 22, 2010 09:54 AM

Birthday Celebration in Orlando Area

I am a native Floridian/Orlando-ian (yes, I just made that up!) and a group of 10 or so are going to dinner to celebrate a friend's birthday this coming Saturday. We would like to go somewhere in the Downtown area but other areas on the outskirts is fine too (Altamonte/Winter Park/etc.). Just tired of the same old places we go and was looking for suggestions. Nothing too expensive, something with a full bar and good/fun atmosphere. Anything come to mind? Thanks!

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  1. Luma. I don't know if Hemisphere is still open (it's at the top of the hyatt at the airport) but it's different and has great food!

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      Thanks for the suggestion of Luma. Sooo yummy, but still a little too pricy for our group...I'm thinking around $10-$15 per person range. Any others??? Thanks!!!

    2. maybe it's too far for you, but the willow tree cafe in downtown sanford is really fun for a birthday. outside seating, polka band on the weekends and BOOT sized beers!

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        That looks SUPER fun!!!! I will suggest it but you are right might be a little far. I will for sure be going there though some day soon!

      2. Try Bento Cafe downtown for a wide variety of creative sushi rolls, pan-Asian bento boxes, bubble tea, and more. It's a hip, trendy room, full of shiny black and chrome and cool blue lighting, and I believe they have a bar too. It would be perfect for a birthday night out with friends. Mochi is right next door, for self-serve frozen yogurt and a wide array of toppings. They are both in the new Plaza Cinema Cafe complex on Orange Avenue, so you can park in the garage and even get validated at the restaurants.

        Don Pepe's Habana Grill in Altamonte has amazing Cuban food, decent prices, huge portions, and lots of drink specials. They're located on State Road 436 near State Road 434, not far at all from I-4.

        Habana Grill
        937 W State Road 436, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

        1. First, Willowtree is GREAT for birthdays and the food/beers are wonderful. But in your price range the first place that I thought of was PR's Taco Palace on Fairbanks in Winter Park. If you haven’t been there I will tell you that the place is a dive, the food is average but the food/drinks are cheap and it’s a great place to start off the night. It is especially good when the trains are running and they sell the cheap tequila shots!

          1. i see alot of parties at ceviche's downtown, tapas bar and flamenco music
            also kres chophouse is downtown

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              Great suggestions for Bento and Don Pepe's...have been to Bento and LOVE. Never tried Don Pepe's so that might be a good place. PRs...YUMMY! I forgot about that atmosphere too. Thanks!

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                I was also thinking ceviche but I doubt you could get out of there for the range she is looking for 10-15 per person. Perhaps if everyone shared everything?

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                  oh my i missed that reply, yea h 10-15 will get one tiny dish