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Mar 22, 2010 09:43 AM

The James Beard Finalists Are Announced

Discuss amongst yourselves:

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  1. Thanks for posting. wonder why there is no discuss??????

    1. Congratulations to & Jane Goldman. This is a great site, and I'm glad to be part of the community.

      1. The international category is interesting. The Eileen Yin-Fei Lo book nominated is in my opinion her least successful. My struggle with same:

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        1. re: buttertart

          Just read your thread and I know exactly your feeling of ups and downs in the same cookbook. It's pretty common for cookbooks to start well and fade, just like too many novels!

          1. re: Dave Feldman

            I was very disappointed in it. I'm glad to see I'm not alone in my assessment. And agree about novels: really the only contemporary one recently that I've seen that started strong and got better is Lorrie Moore's "A Gate at the Stairs" - has a fair amount about food in it, too.

        2. Odd that all 3 nominees for best American cookbook are southern.

          "The Country Cooking of Ireland" is a gorgeous book, but full of errors (mostly in amounts of ingredients).

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          1. re: pikawicca

            His books have always struck me as slapdash.

            1. re: pikawicca

              I chose that as a future book to review on my blog. This is why I decdied to review cookbooks by making the recipes: they win awards but nobody seems to notice they're full of typos!

            2. The best laugh I had today - Iron Chef America as a nominee in the best television show (fixed/studio location).

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              1. re: Pizza Lover

                That ICA was nominated is pretty laughable, but a sad comment on what passes, currently. I was pleased, though, to see that Laura Calder was nominated - well deserved.

                1. re: hungry_pangolin

                  If this is the best that the folks at James Beard could come up with, then let's question their criteria and what these awards mean. It is a boring list and if the award is for personality, then Laura Calder should win (however she has been cooking the same food for 3 seasons now - time for a change).