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Mar 22, 2010 09:42 AM

Please Help!

My wife just got denied a promotion at work and in top of that she went to a store to buy something to bring her spirit up but she was so upset she left the parking lot and crashed into another car. She is really down and I want to cook something special for her. I want to do Chicken but I want to do it really special. what ways do you think I should do it?

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  1. If that were my girlfriend, I know I could skip any fancy, detailed dish and maker her a simple pot of chicken and dumplings or a chicken pot pie. I feel like down home comfort food works best for situations like these.


      I love Chicken Satimbocca (and sometimes use veal). My husband i and think that it tastes like something you would get at a restaurant.

      1. Whatever you serve, include champagne. It's tough to remain down-in-the-dumps when those wonderful bubbles are tickling your nose. Turn down the lights, have a picnic oin front of the fireplace and park the kids somewhere as well. The food won't be quite as important as the thought you put into it. Whatever you choose to make, give it a personal twist. Bake bread in the shape of her initials, write something poignant on the cake, ILY written in ketchup on the burger patty -- anything that says you care deeply.

        I offer this advice as someone who backed out of her driveway and ran into the carriage lamp post. Disgusted with myself, I returned to the garage (thinking I really shouldn't be behind the wheel when I was so distracted) and dropped the garage door on the hood of my car. When I related my tale of woe, my wonderful husband responded, "Honey, that could have happened to anyone". He doesn't cook, but the fireplace picnic (no kids since they're already out of the house) and champagne made these mishaps much more tolerable. Today we can laugh about it, after all, it takes a special kind of talent to do this much damage- twice - in a single minute.

        1. The champagne idea is an excellent one - it makes everything seem better.

          Think about what she really likes and do that. Does she love cake? Then make a big cake and serve her the whole thing with a fork. It will make her smile.

          I love pizza and would be thrilled to come home and find homemade pizza or at least ordered from my fav place.... with a whole bottle of good red wine.

          Go with what she likes the best and then go big.

          1. zuni chicken and bread salad. maybe double the bread salad part. I could eat that stuff all day.