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Mar 22, 2010 09:18 AM

Roti: New Mediterranean place opening next door to Breadline in April

I just walked by the other day and the window signs claim they're opening in April 2010. The menu looks quite affordable and interesting, so I am optimistic:

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  1. Hey there - Roti has a couple of locations in Chicago (where I live - I'm in DC now for work during the week) and it is fantastic. The falafel, hummus, and 'chicken roti' are my favorite. Enjoy!!

    1. It's a pretty good small chain out of Chicago. They bill themselves as Mediterranean, but it seems more specifically Israeli/Middle Eastern to me; e.g. what they call couscous is ptitim/Israeli couscous, rather than the tiny semolina grains that you get in N. Africa. It's a good place for people who like to mix'n'match or customize their dishes; I went with a group of folks who all had dietary restrictions of one sort or another, and everyone got something they were happy with.

      1. I read about this place awhile ago but has it opened yet? I think if you follow them on Twitter you will get some free food when they first open up.

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              Went to a soft open last week. Good food and good service.