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Roti: New Mediterranean place opening next door to Breadline in April

I just walked by the other day and the window signs claim they're opening in April 2010. The menu looks quite affordable and interesting, so I am optimistic:

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  1. Hey there - Roti has a couple of locations in Chicago (where I live - I'm in DC now for work during the week) and it is fantastic. The falafel, hummus, and 'chicken roti' are my favorite. Enjoy!!

    1. It's a pretty good small chain out of Chicago. They bill themselves as Mediterranean, but it seems more specifically Israeli/Middle Eastern to me; e.g. what they call couscous is ptitim/Israeli couscous, rather than the tiny semolina grains that you get in N. Africa. It's a good place for people who like to mix'n'match or customize their dishes; I went with a group of folks who all had dietary restrictions of one sort or another, and everyone got something they were happy with.

      1. I read about this place awhile ago but has it opened yet? I think if you follow them on Twitter you will get some free food when they first open up.

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            Went to a soft open last week. Good food and good service.

          2. I entered their opening contest and won a free falafel as a consolation prize. I got the feeling that they awarded everyone who entered a free falafel, which I thought was great and really generous of them. I went to claim it today and to check the place out. I was expecting, based on my experience with Maoz and Amsterdam Falafel, that "falafel" meant a few falafel balls on pita with some sort of toppings. However at Roti, "falafel" means 3 small balls of falafel in a plastic container, with a small container of sauce (I could choose one type) on the side. The falafel itself was greasy and had a very odd consistency and was really bland. I liked the red pepper sauce a lot though. I know I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, but please. I'm posting this because I imagine a lot of people got a coupon for free falafel. If you work near there, by all means redeem it as you buy some real food for lunch, but if you need to travel a bit to get there and if it is out of your way, don't bother.

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              Oof thanks for the heads up! I also received the coupon (I bet everyone who entered did...) and I looked at the menu and sort of assumed it would be the falafel "side" not a falafel pita. Still interested to try this place out, but bummed about this review.

              Anyone eaten anything besides falafel?

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                Amsterdam >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ROTI

                I had the falafel as well. I don't know why I was expecting something of AF's caliber. It was like Chipotle meets Amsterdam.

                It's not even a good lunch option, as far as i'm concerned.

                14925 Shady Grove Rd Unit L, Rockville, MD 20850

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                  Hmm. Now I feel like I ought to try it for comparison, as the food at the one I went to in Chicago was surprisingly edible; perhaps as they moved further away from the home base, quality slipped?

              2. The Trinidadians reading this post are MAD.

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                  Some East Indians were likewise confused on first encountering this chain... :)

                  Now I need to get myself to Teddy's.

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                    Add Malaysians and Singaporeans to the mix, too! Heh.