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Mar 22, 2010 09:04 AM

Dinner suggestions for Cobourg ?

Planning weekend trip in Cobourg during Easter, Any suggestions for dinner in Cobourg or
Port Hope area.

Looking for dinner under $80 (not incl. tax and tip) which covers a App., 2 Main and 2 glasses
of wine. Not interested in Bar Food.



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  1. I ate at Zest in PH. It was pretty tasty

    1. If it's warm out, go to Oasis and sit on the patio in the back - they have heat lamps... If not, the Northside Grill is a nice option - they have a tapas menu that looks fun. I have been for lunch and enjoyed it thoroughly...

      1. Air621 and Kawarthagirl - I've checked the websites - great suggestions !
        Just what I'm looking for.



        1. I also highly recommend the Oasis. I've eaten there countless times and never had a bad meal. And that's saying something.

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            Oasis isn't what it used to be. I have had bad meals there (count two). It got the 2nd chance because of all the good meals I've had. That and Cobourg isn't exactly loaded with non-chain restaurants. I also don't particularly care for the attitude of the chick that owns the place.

            kawarthagirl, have you tried Spice of Life yet? It's on my to-do list for cottage season.

            Agreed that Zest is the absolute best choice in the area. Great food, lovely room, back patio, ample free parking, and decent service. Simply miles ahead of anything else within a 50 km radius.

          2. For lunch, I highly recommend Jim's Pizza in Port Hope. I can't visit PH without picking up one of their pies. I second the Northside Grill for dinner.