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Mar 22, 2010 07:42 AM

Cask on 33rd and 3rd- anyone been

Has anyone beed ot the new place on 33rd call Cask Bar and Kitchen. Some things on the menu look very enticing.

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  1. i have thought the same, but haven't gone yet. plan to soon.

    1. I've been a couple of times and enjoyed - First off the decor is great. Second the service was extraordinarily good. The beer selection and mixed drinks were great. Saison Dupont is a fantastic beer to have available. Had the cheese / charcuterie plate- Generous servings, quality cuts, but it was served with cheap canned olives and no honey or jam for the cheese. Would have appreciated even some grapes with it. But definitely going back - I like this place.

      1. Going here on Friday... If anyone else has been and can report on what's good and what's not, it'd be greatly appreciated. thanks!

        1. As mentioned, very nice room and good service. Decent beer list but some of the prices are wack. $1 per ounce for cask (domestic) beers? That's crazy.

          Mostly shared the smaller plates: the philly cheesesteak spring rolls (decadently good), panzanella with bacon wrapped shrimp (excellent), while others had a pasta dish and a salad, which all looked good.

          Not a destination but a great addition to the neighborhood.