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Mar 22, 2010 07:42 AM

Best pub experience in Fells Point?

We are staying at the Henderson Wharf Inn this Sunday evening and would like to hang a little in Fells Point (I know, Sunday night). Which pub or bar would you recommend? We will probably catch dinner at the pub we land in, so a good crabcake or burger would be a plus. Thanks.

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  1. Only one real choice -- Duda's.

    Great crab cake and burger, Resurrection and Loose Cannon on tap, great vibe. One of my favorite places.

    Duda's Tavern
    1600 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231

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    1. re: JonParker

      Definately Duda's, great food, great beer selection!

      1. re: hon

        Third for Duda's. Runner's up: Henningers and Peter's Pub. However, I don't really know if any are open on Sunday night.

        1. re: baltoellen

          Oh crap, I missed the Sunday part. Duda's is out -- they're closed that day.

      2. re: JonParker

        I can never understand why people recommend Duda's. Every time I've had burgers there they have been horribly overcooked and dry, and the crab cakes are nothing to write home about. And every time, the service is deplorable. But they still get business because people keep recommending them....

          1. re: RC51Mike

            i LOVE the beer selection at Max's, but the one time I ate there it was nothing memorable.

          2. re: theminx

            4th for Dudas...been there many times and have ALWAYS had a great meal!

        1. Duda's is not open on Sundays.

          Wherever you go to eat, you can always go to the Cat's Eye Pub afterwards for live music. The have live music 365 days a year.

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          1. re: Hal Laurent

            Amen. Dinner at the Sip 'n Bite in Canton, followed by a night at the Cat's Eye, lodging at the Admiral Fell, breakfast at Jimmy's. That's how you do Fells Point.

          2. I really like Dead End Saloon. It is off the beaten path and friendly to locals/tourists.

            Dead End Saloon
            935 Fell St Ste 1, Baltimore, MD 21231

            1. What about the Red Star, which is less than a block from the Inn. It's a really neat space, has good food, and a great drink selection.

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              1. re: stephanieg

                Darn good burger, good beers. Good place.

                1. re: stephanieg

                  Red Star is good, but it's a very noisy room if that's something that would bother you.

                2. Forgot that Duda's is closed on Sundays!
                  Kislings has good pub grub and a good beer selection.

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                  1. re: hon

                    The Kisling's rec made me think of two others. (Although, you'll have to check out whether or not open on Sunday.) Just east of Kisling's is Tyson's Tavern, which always has live music (of varying quality). I'd also look into One Eyed Mike's in Fells.

                    Tyson's Tavern
                    2112 Fleet St Ste 4, Baltimore, MD 21231