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Mar 22, 2010 07:25 AM

Craftsteak, Aureole...what to get?

So, I have reservations on a three night trip at Craftsteak, and another at Aureole. What would you suggest at each?

For Craftsteak, how do the three course dinners work? Served family style? Do you order off the menu? We have a $250 gift certificate for two there, and can go over a bit, but around thar range would be great, with drinks.

How about at Aureole? Is the tasting worth it? Should we do ala carte? And if we do the tasting, should we do wine pairings? Isn't half the fun ordering the winet hat the "angels" get?

Also, need a third meal, something way more laid back and less over the top. Suggestions? Either on the strip or off is fine, but something still fine and memorable.


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  1. For Aureole I would get a table in the Swan Court and take he tasting mneu with the wine pairings.

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    1. re: honkman

      What's the difference between the swan court and the main dining room?

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        The swan court is much more relaxed room with nice tables and a small "lake" outside with a few swans which you can food during the different courses. Overall a very relaxing ambience with outstanding service. If you eat at the swan court the tasting menu is $10 more expensive.

    2. No other feedback from the board on this one?

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        We had the tasting menu at Aureole last November and mostly enjoyed it.
        I'm not convinced that the swan court is worth the extra $10 each but I'm not sorry we sat there. Service was excellent. Note that at night you really can't see the "lake" or swans if in fact there were any the night we were there. You also can't see the wine tower if that's what you're hoping for.

        If you're asking about the Craftsteak Spring Tasting menu special, it's served family style and you get everything that's listed. For that matter, I think their other tasting menu options are served family style although I have no experience with them.

      2. If you think of a steakhouse experience as eating a huge slab of meat and maybe one side or an app, then Craftsteak's tasting menu might not be your style. But to me, it's a great way to eat a smaller portion of steak, have some other proteins, and best of all, eat sides and vegetables that aren't an afterthought.

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        1. re: Dave Feldman

          great feedback, thanks! I actually like the idea of more variety from my steakhouse, so that sounds like the way to go.

          The swan courts sounds like it could even be a little more stuffy. I like something a big more hip and fun than that.

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            I do think you'd be able to stay within your $250 budget even ordering ala carte, depending upon wine consumption, of course, but the tasting menu is a relative bargain, and if your night's offerings appeal to you, I'd go for it.

        2. 1) Craftsteak has a great scotch list. Try a scotch "rock". That is scotch served over one big ice cube, your rock, to minimize dilution.
          2) Cinnamon Monkey Bread may not sound like much a dessert, but go for it.
          3) You can usually get hen of the woods mushrooms as a side dish. Very good and unusual.
          4) My wife and I just split the ribe eye for 1 person and order sides and desserts. We had 4 of us order 3 "special" dinners and it was more the enough food.