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Mar 22, 2010 06:51 AM

Go-Go's in South Beach

While recently on vacation in South Beach, I was tipped off by friends who live there to check out Go-Go's, an unpretentious place located next to a laundermat. I had been looking for a resto that was very health conscious with a locally-influenced and reasonably priced menu. I found it in spades. Go-Go's is an establishment that Michael Pollan could love- healthy-version empanadas, great salads and imaginative sandwiches-all made with healthy and apparently locally sourced ingredients. The clientele appeared to be primarily locals who were into this type of considered eating. I only wish that this place would open locations in New York and elsewhere!

Check out the South Beach Salad , the eggplant parm empanadas and the banana empanadas!

If anyone knows of any like establishments in SoBe, I would appreciate the same.

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  1. I cannot speak for the rest of their menu but, Their Empanadas are the BOMB!

    Philly Cheese Steak Empanada!
    Empanada Caprese!

    Both get my vote...they use what seems like a philo dough. Definately a great local "secreto".

    Here's another one for you to check out next time you are about: Matarrello's on Washington Ave and 14th Street.

    1. Sorry, but I've tried Go-Go two or three times. It doesn't get my thumbs up. Their dessert empanadas are good though but the savory empanadas are kind of lacking in the taste department. While I've had better but admittingly, the ones at Go-Go may be the freshest in Miami since they're made when ordered.

      But for savory empanadas, I liked Pastel Gourmet more in Doral - although Pastel Gourmet fry their empanadas, the fillings are tastier and makes for a better difference. Theirs are fried when ordered.