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Annual Horseradish Root Report on Sightings

I found what looks to be an excellent horseradish root at Roche Bros in West Roxbury. It was moist and rock hard. I can't report on the firepower yet because I won't grind it until next weekend.

I saw horseradish at Russo's last week but it was dry and spongy.

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  1. I bought an excellent firm, fiery one at Wilson Farms in Lexington last week.

    Wilson Farm
    10 Pleasant St, Lexington, MA 02421

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    1. re: GretchenS

      The Wilson Farm horseradish is gorgeous this year. I had already bought a huge root from Whole Foods, and resisted buying another one.

      Wilson Farm
      10 Pleasant St, Lexington, MA 02421

    2. Yep, I bought mine at Roche Bros. last year...The funny thing was, the guy didin't even know what it was!

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      1. re: galleygirl

        Sighted large, knobby roots at Roche Bros. West Roxbury,Friday, 3.26, 1900 hours...

      2. Whole Foods always has giant ones that are very fresh!

        1. I was at Russo's today. They must have gotten in some new horseradish. Some was sub-par but the one I got was nice and firm. I would not recommend a special trip to Russo's for horseradish, but if you are already going there for something else and also need horseradish, chances are you will be able to cross it off your list.

          1. Got some at Somerville Market Basket the other day - firm, moist, and covered in earth. Prepared some with vinegar and am letting it steep, and boiled the rest with some potatoes. Boiling mellowed the flavor a tad bit, but still about as bitter as that one aunt...

            1. I had picked one up last weekend from the Stop & Shop near Coolidge Corner. When I went to prep it yesterday for last night's seder it turned out to be rotten through & through.

              I made an emergency run to the local Star (Packard's Corner) - no horseradish at all. Then ran up to the Whole Foods on Washington St - they had a bin full of beautiful roots, some of the freshest-looking I've ever seen. I picked out a big heavy one and it turned out to be a memorably hot one as well. WF is my new go-to place for horseradish!

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                I got one there as well.....it was spectacular!

              2. Got a nice piece at Medford Whole Foods. Went well with the gefilte fish last night.

                1. Ohmygosh. Inspired by this thread I have been looking out for horseradish all week.

                  Saw really nice ones at Stop and Shop (Allston) and then at Russo's too.

                  I think I had only made it once before and must have had a mediocre one.

                  I just blasted the one I got in the grater blade in my food processor and then blasted it finer with the regular blade.

                  Where have you been all my life fresh horseradish is AMAZING. Fragrant, perfumey zingey yummy.

                  I made mine VERY simple, just the shredded root, and three kinds of vinegar (apple cider, rice wine, and some nice white wine Italian). Quite simply amazing stuff.

                  Served it with chopped liver and some gefilte fish. I'll never be able to eat the jarred stuff again.

                  Heck, nice article in today's NY Times too:


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                  1. re: StriperGuy

                    Welcome to the club! You're right, you'll never be able to eat the wimpy bottled stuff again. And yes, root and vinegar is all you need - I don't even add salt to mine.

                    A couple of tips:

                    1) If you have a good quality food processor (I have an ancient Cuisinart DLC-7) you don't need to shred the root first, just peel it and cut it into 1" - 2" chunks and let 'er rip with the main blade.

                    2) I've found that you can maximize the heat by pulverizing the root as finely as you can in the processor, dry, and then add the vinegar for one final whirl.

                    1. re: BobB

                      I just made it for the first time this year and followed the instructions in the Mensch Chef cookbook, which has you shred it, pack it in vinegar for 1-3 days and then put it back in the food processor with the knife. Any guess as to why he suggests a two-step process?

                      1. re: Velda Mae

                        I've never done that. I know that adding the vinegar stops the release of the volatile oils (which is why I add it after processing). My only guess is that maybe the "aging in vinegar" process softens the shreds so that they can be further processed into a finer paste. But I agree with StriperGuy, I like the texture of the rough shreds.

                      2. re: BobB

                        I added the vinegar after. I kinda like the slightly rough texture I got. It is truly delicious. I think we have identical food processors mine is 15+ years old but still works like a charm.

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                          And then, once you've got the processed horseradish hanging out in vinegar, how long does it keep?

                          1. re: globalgourmand

                            Depends on the root, and what you mean by "keep." It loses potency over time, and is usually pretty boring (compared to fresh) after a week or two. But it will typically remain edible for months, even though it may start to turn a bit brownish.