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French Macarons in Greater New Haven?

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I spent some time in Paris last summer and absolutely fell in love with their Macarons! They are not at all like the coconutty version that we have here. And the colors and flavors were AMAZING!

Does anyone know where they could be found in Greater New Haven, or any place in CT for that matter?

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  1. I seem to remember seeing something about Trader Joe's having them in the freezer section. I also have access to them wholesale if you want a bunch.

    1. Try Westville Kosher market, next to Amity Liquor on Amity Rd

      1. Marjolaine on State Street. Wonderful.

        State Street Cafe
        342 State St, North Haven, CT 06473

        1. I bake them out of my house, trying to open my own business. www.macaronsct.com

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            cd moretti., yours look amazing! Are you going to sell directly, or supply local stores?

            I make my own too, as I can't find any I like I nearly as much as Bouchon in NYC. Also didnt know Marjolaine had them, so thanks, rosieg.

            I am sure I went through the same process as you, practise until they were "perfect" or you get the feet whichever comes first. I just bought back a large (shamefully large, some might say) box from Laduree in Paris last month. Oh my......

            1. re: pain au chocolat

              I have been making them for the last two years. Ideally, I would like to sell online and ship them by mail in order to build a clientele and get some revenue. My dream would be to own a little shop!!!! Opening a bakery in Connecticut involves a lot of regulations and I am trying to find a way to get started (renting a commercial kitchen, getting a food handler license, etc...). This is very intimidating, but I was told that my macarons were just as good as Ladurée. I finally was able to confirm that recently. My husband came back from France a couple weeks ago with a full box of their macarons and I couldn't tell the difference from mine. The only advantage they have is the selection in their flavors :)))

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                cd - Saw your website said Fairfield County. What town are you based out of?

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                      I may be interested in some for a birthday gift the end of august, I am in Ansonia.

                      1. re: javaandjazz

                        Sure, I have some nice boxes to display them. Just email me at carolinemoretti@yahoo.com when you are ready.

                        1. re: cdmoretti

                          thanks! free samples before my purchase...LOL

                          1. re: javaandjazz

                            I can give you a few to taste but you'll have to meet me somewhere in Monroe or Shelton :p

                      2. re: cdmoretti

                        I forwarded your link to a friend who does a lot of dinner parties/picnics, and I thought it was a neat alternative for a dessert idea, and she often caters out. She is in Fairfield. Maybe she'll call you one day. Good Luck! :-)

                        1. re: cheereeo

                          Cheereeo, that is so sweet of you!!! Thank you so much, I really appreciate.

                          There are some really nice people around here ;o)

                          1. re: cdmoretti

                            I have a friend who makes excellent chocolate truffles if anyone of you is interested. She supplies some shops and does chocolate shows.

              2. Best I've had in Connecticut are isabelle et vincent in Fairfield.

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                  Debvil, I am French, I love Isabelle et Vincent, but their macarons suck... They don't even look like a real macaron.

                  1. re: debvil

                    Go check mine on www.macaronsct.com, I have a lot more flavors (chocolate, lemon, mango, pistachio, salty caramel, rose, raspberry, coffee-Cognac, fig, etc...).

                    1. re: cdmoretti

                      coffee cognac sounds amazing!

                      I love Isabelle et Vincent, I am passionate about many things they make, but their macarons are not the best. They are also very expensive for the size.

                      You are spot on about it being intimidating to open a bakery business in CT, I am finding the same issue. I have a business plan, a product that is in demand, at least informally, and am completely stalled by the regulations, so I take the time to perfect the product - and fortunately, I totally enjoy the process until I can find a way to carve a path for myself.

                      I wish you the very best of luck.

                      1. re: pain au chocolat

                        You are absolutely right pain au chocolat! I am looking to rent a commercial kitchen, but with no steady revenue it's a big investment for someone like me. I am basically at the same stage as you :o) What is it that you make?

                        1. re: cdmoretti

                          precisely, such a shame because it could be revenue and happiness generating for all :) I make tarts, all butter pastry, goat's cheese, fresh lemon, raspberry curd, or mascarpone for those who don't like goat's cheese, with different crusts as well as savory traditional quiches. I also make traditional Scottish butter tablet, traditional English desserts (like Bakewell and Treacle Tart) and things like that. My own puff pastry tarts and so on. I am continuing to develop and try to perfect recipes where I can but people seem to adore my lemon chevre tart with a savory crust. It's amazing to me, I am completely self taught and have an absolute ball, so the mere fact people will buy my desserts is definitely a dream come true, except not in Connecticut!

                          For javaandjazz, I agree - they excel at what they should do, traditional french pastries, pastry cream, mousse, meringues etc, and their baguettes are fantastic, but I some of their others are hit and miss, the macarons are not by any means terrible, they are definitely lovely, but they are either crisp or too chewy and very price and too small to be consistent. I was very disappointed with their quiche which I wouldnt buy again. But, that sesame baguette,..... never tried their chocolates, the prices are way too high.

                          1. re: pain au chocolat

                            My goodness, that lemon chèvre tart sounds delicious!!!!!! A bakery with your wonderful desserts and my macarons would be perfect. I am meeting with a restaurateur who is going to let me know what needs to be done in CT in order to open a business. I might also be able to rent in his space... Keeping my fingers crossed.

                            1. re: cdmoretti

                              Yes it would! I dont even like lemon curd, so you could eat "quality check" mine and I can certainly help out on the macarons front ;) I am sure we'll keep our fingers crossed for you as well, good luck!

                              1. re: pain au chocolat

                                I use lemon curd for the macarons... I am lazy, I buy it at the store... I should probably try to make my own and save a few $. I passed my food handling license last night and possibly found a co-op kitchen at a local church. Things are moving along!

                    2. re: debvil

                      I have had a few things at Isabelle et Vincent and was disappointed. I'm not impressed with their fancy expensive chocolates. Maybe it's just me but they are not my favorite.

                    3. Chocopologie on High Street in New Haven.

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                      1. re: mzabby

                        Since when did Chocopologie move into New Haven?

                        1. re: javaandjazz

                          I'm guessing just about a year...not sure!

                          1. re: mzabby

                            I haven't even been to Chocopologie yet, what does everyone think of their chocolate?

                            I may go now I now there's macarons there... thanks mzabby!

                            1. re: pain au chocolat

                              No problem! I fell in love with the place right away. It is very charming inside, the manager is really sweet and always extremely helpful (since he makes many of the confections himself) and the chocolates are equally unique and delicious! I often get a box of chocolates as a gift for friends and family...beats any and every store-bought box of chocolates, and they never fail to impress! I recommend the tangerine and chili, the balsamic vinegar (sounds strange, but is delicious) and the mint! But really they are all good. I am no macaron expert, but the ones I have had from there are wonderful as well.

                            2. re: mzabby

                              that's how long it's been since I have been to New Haven. I am so out of touch!

                        2. I purchased a dozen of "cdmoretti" french macarons for a birthday gift this past weekend and they were the best ones I have had so far. They were very flavorful and much better than the french bakery out in Fairfield. www.macaronsct.com

                          1. I bought the macaroons from Marjolaine this week and they were awful. They had been over baked and had a burnt taste. The raspberry filling tasted like jam.

                            I also ordered from macaronsct.com. They were very good. Light and flavorful. And, delivery was super fast.

                            However, if you are every in New Orleans, go to Sucre onMagazine Street. They have the best I have ever eaten.

                            1. Since we have no real macarons up here in N'hampton that I've found, I go for Trader Joe's assorted package. They're small but beautiful, and are (cross my heart) very creditable indeed. In the freezer compartment.