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Mar 22, 2010 05:12 AM

Korean Food Truck Durham, NC?

I've heard tell that in addition to the taco trucks, and the thus far elusive Indian Food truck, that there may, in fact, be a Korean food truck somewhere in Durham. Apparently, it was parked at the Wachovia near the corner of Main St. and 9th Street on Friday night. Sadly, it did not make a re-appearance on Saturday night. Anybody know any details?

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  1. That would be awesome! Especially if it is good and quick. There is a very popular Korean food truck in DC that was not far from where I stayed on my last visit. That location may not get much foot traffic (I mean at that end of 9th Street), but I don't know what the regulations are as to where food trucks can park and not park. Maybe if it can garner a spot by the Gold Bull in downtown for a bit or somewhere close to ATC.

    If the truck has trouble in Durham, maybe it will take a chance on Chapel Hill ;-)

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      My wife has seen it at the Fair Grounds one Weekend and I have seen it parked on Peace Street in Raleigh at lunch time.

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        These food trucks need to get a Twitter account like OnlyBurger has. Very convenient!

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          Ate off this food truck in Durham at a food truck meet up(or round up) it's was GOOD! Clean! and they were very fast. I heard a guy speaking about an Italian food truck called Valentino's that sets up at Lone Rider Brewery on Thursday's and Friday nights. Beer and a meatball sub, NOW that sounds like a place to check out!

      2. it was out in front of the wachovia on 9th st in durham tonight. i didn't have time to check it out but from the road it looked like they had korean tacos which is pretty exciting.

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          Drat! I just saw this. I must start trolling 9th Street more!

        2. I just saw this and remembered this thread, hope this helps.

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            Awesome - thank you! I checked Carpe Durham yesterday morning - looks like I just missed that being posted. Glad to see it will be every night (though it was most definitely NOT there last Saturday night).

          2. We hit the Korean Truck tonight - Carpe Durham sets out their menu, so I won't repeat it here. There was no line for ordering, but about a 20 minute wait for food (and our order was small). The tacos are very small - would take 3-4 to make any kind of meal (they're about 1/2 the size - maybe less - of the tacos from the red truck on hillsborough for comparison). The kimchi quesadilla isn't bad, but DOES come with beef. We were expecting veg. I actually wonder if even their cheese quesadilla comes with meat.

            Overall - meh. Kinda cool. The chicken on the taco was really good. But - I think I'll stick to the red bus.

            Hours (so they told us) are Mon-Fri 5:30-10PM in the Wachovia Parking lot. Only burger was down the street tonight too!

            1. They now have a twiiter account -
              (this info courtesy of Drew3D on


              We tried the kim chi quesadilla and chicken burrito on Saturday and loved them both. Has anyone had a bulkogi hot dog or kim chi bulkogi hot dog?

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                We went on Friday and tried the spicy pork taco, kim chee quesadilla and bulgogi philly cheese steak.

                Loved the taco. The quesadilla was okay but nothing special. The kim chee inside was pretty mild for my tastes. The cheese steak was interesting. It was pretty good but a little heavy on the cheese for my tastes.

                Hoping to go back next weekend for more tacos and to try to burrito or slider.