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Mar 22, 2010 01:53 AM

6 day trip to NYC – mostly Manhattan Area .. ( March 29 – April 4) - All Dinning suggestions possible..

Hi, my family and I ( 4 Young adults) are going to NYC for a coupe, of days…We are flying from Mexico, and probably spending most of our time at Manhattan… I need all the dinning suggestion possible, all u want or thing that could help us we appreciated…From the best Hot Dog in a nice fancy place..all u can give us, Tips, phones, anything will be helpful… basically I want to discover the treasure places of the city, those were normal tourist probably won’t go, because of their local nature… TXS a lot..

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  1. Best Hot Dog in NYC? That might be controversial. If you like fried dogs try, Crif Dog (113 St. Marks Place) and if your young adults are over 21 you might want to stop in to PDT (accessed through a vintage phone booth within Crif Dogs,) after you eat your dogs for a drink. If you are in Brooklyn you should try Bark (474 Bergen St.).

    You also might want to check out NY Mag's list of Best Of for more ideas:

    Crif Dogs
    113 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10009

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      NY Mag's list of Best Of …Grate Advice... Txs a lot…

    2. It would be helpful to responders if you can offer more guidance on what you like! As young adults, do you want places with a cool vibe or are you more interested in food quality?

      Do you like Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Chinese (if so, what region). Top-notch Asian will be easier to find here than at home.

      One place wife and I always enjoy is Lure Fishbar. That's not the obvious Soho spot but seafood is nice and cocktails are worth paying for, which is not always the case. I think it's on Mercer and Prince St but Google can help you find it for sure.

      There are tons of decent-to-good US-style barbecue joints in NYC now. For contrast with the Mexican version, that should be fun.

      Good luck.

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        Yes Yes , Your Right..Well basically very open to everything, just want to get the best 0ut of the city. .. You know the secret spots.. Local Peoples favorites.. Like the best Chinese take out, or the best pie, the best meatballs, best place to have waffles… Off course we want food quality.. Not any type in particular..We can shift from Indian to French..

      2. Even though this is touristy, you MUST go with your young adult kids to SERENDIPITY.
        It is just 'one of a kind', famous for the FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE. Also have good sandwiches and lunch type food. Put your name on the list, and ask 'how long until we need to check back', and then go to Bloomingdale's and shop/explore until it's time to go back to check in with the host/hostess to see if your name is soon to be called for a table.
        It's worth the wait. It's such a New York City 'must do'.

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          I have visited NYC many times, but I had never visited Serendipity until I visited NYC for a stagette party, and one of the girls I was travelling with insisted that we visit Serendipity. We travelled across town to get there, and waited for a table.

          We each ordered a frozen hot chocolate. Huge, and very sweet. I finished maybe 1/4 of mine, before the novelty wore off, and I was tired of the taste. The Serendipity veggie burger (bad ordering on my part) is one of the 2 worst things I can remember eating in NYC (the wings on Virgil's BBQ's bar menu are also terrible).

          The friend who insisted that we visit Serendipity loved it. She bought the cookbook and frozen hot chocolate mix. The same friend thought Babbo was an overpriced rip-off, and loved Bagatelle, which is a place I would consider an overpriced rip-off.

          Serendipity is a complete tourist trap, but some tourists love it. I doubt too many locals eat there willingly.

          In case you're not familiar with Babbo, it's Mario Batali's fancy Italian restaurant in Greenwich Village. It is expensive ($70-$100 per person, at least), but I would think young adults would like it, with its classic rock music in the background. Plenty of locals like eating at Babbo.

          I'd suggest a visit to a deli like 2nd Ave Deli, Katz's, Sarge's or even Carnegie.
          thread on best deli:

          A bagel with nova (smoked salmon) and a shmear (of cream cheese) at Barney Greengrass on the Upper West Side is one of my favourite NYC meals, and I like the bustling atmosphere.

          The chocolate chip cookies at Levain Bakery on the Upper West Side are also worth trying.

          I also like the rice balls at Papa Perrone's truck in midtown.

          110 Waverly Pl, New York, NY 10011

          Papa Perrone's
          80 E 55th St, New York, NY 10022

        2. Honestly there aren't that many "hidden secrets" in Manhattan. If a restaurant is good, words will spread quickly and tourists WILL find the place soon.

          1. I agree with the suggestion about Katz's, though it can be touristy. But you can not beat its sandwiches. For the best hot dog (if you do not want to do a street dog), try Gray's Papapya on 86th and 3rd. I will probably be yelled at for suggesting this one, but it truly is amazing...and i LOVE hot dogs.

            for steaks, there is no where that will be unique and its a very opioninated subject. however, I would direct you to the Strip has changed, imho, the way steak houses cater to Manhattan