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Mar 22, 2010 12:35 AM

Eating on Lygon St

We're headed to Melb in a couple weeks and want have an Italian meal on Lygon St. Wondering what's good, what's cheap and what we should avoid?
Cheers :)

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  1. We love Papa Gino's - yummy food, very low mark ups on booze. Great cheap and cheerful place to eat. Have fun in Melbourne! There are some great reco's for other great places to eat on this board.

    1. Hmmmm... it polarises people, its a bit like Rundle Street with lots of mediocre and not much good. You get the hoons though! Its a nice fell to walk up and down.

      Very good Italian: DOC which is just parallel to Lygon on Drummond (no bookings), minimalist pizzas and mozzarella bar.Well priced wine list from DiSanto. Masani - expensive take your mother kind of Italian. Very smart, quite formal, where I take business guests. Balzari is the best on Lygon itself, a cut above the rest (and of course prices commensurate with that).

      Middle of the road: I think most people would say Tiamo or its slightly smarter next door neighbour Tiamo2

      Cheap and cheerful: anywhere else. It's ruthlessly competitive so prices are rock bottom, but so is quality. Don't go for the food, go for a fun evening sitting on a big bench with a bottle of cheap red.

      Non-Italian: Abla's Lebanese has been there decades. Jimmy Watson's wine bar is to me a bit of a nineties hangover but is still popular and does solid food to go with their wine list

      1. The owners of DOC have a place on Lygon street called Carlton Espresso that does a few simple pasta, which are also good. However, I have to agree with mr_gimlet and recommend DOC with great pizza and italian beers.

        1. I agree that DOC has amazing pizza.....
          But please, for the love of god, if you are headed to Lygon St for italian TIAMO is your best bet. Hands down. (penne ragu, or spaghetti don giovanni) I've probably ate at every restaurant on that street, and this place is where you go. This place is where Italian's go (and the pizza DOC). Great food, great ambience, and a fierce loyalty of customers. For the true Lygon St experience, follow up dinner with a coffee and dessert at the nearby Brunetti's. Enjoy!