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Mar 21, 2010 09:53 PM

Sprouted garbanzos - the black chana kind - so what should I do with them?

So I put a cup or two of black chana (chickpeas) to soak overnight and then got distracted by a flooded basement (don't ask) for about a week.

So now I have a nice pile of fresh sprouting garbanzos. I don't think the original curry plan is an option any more.


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  1. Actually you can make a "curry" out of these. Boil them until tender and toss the water. Make sure they are well cooked but not getting mushy. Keep aside. Heat 3 tbs oil in a pot, add in this sequence: 1/4 tsp mustard seeds, 8 curry leaves, 2-4 green chiles slit, , 1 tsp cumin powder, 1 tsp red chile powder, and 1 pinch asofetida, be sure to add in the last three ingredients quickly so as not to burn. Toss in your boiled sprouted black channay and coat well, salt, and add in 1 tbs or more lemon juice to taste. You might need to add a tiny amound of water to get the channay well coated in the "dressing" of the gravy.
    Eat with flat bread.

    Alternatively, you can boil them for a few minutes till cooked but still very firm, then strain, and use with a medley of other ingredients in a sprouted black channa salad.

    1. First of all, I feel your pain on the basement. We dealt with a similar issue for a year after a landscaper inadvertently built an earth wall under our deck that we didn't know about. Hope you get it sorted soon.

      Do you like the taste of the sprouts by themselves? Because sprouted garbanzos are definitely my favorite sprouted bean. They're delicious just eaten out of hand, but you can also dress them with vinaigrette.

      In my vegetarian days, we made hummus with sprouted beans. I notice most of the recipes online say you have to dunk them in just-boiled water for a minute before proceeding, but I never did that myself.

      1. There are several healthy home style recipes that focus on sprouted beans, including sprouted Kala Chana.
        Here is a sample:
        a Maharashtrian dish called ambti, that is kind of soupy and eaten with rice: (the recipe doesn't tell you how much water you need, but you need to cover the sprouted chana dal


        Another dish called Usal (it's a common home item, somewhere between a snack and a side dish: i.e. it can stand on its own):

        In the usal recipe, if you subtract the sugar, and add minced ginger with the green chillies, and also at the end fold in some finely diced unripe (sour, raw, small and green) mangoes, that becomes the Tamilian favorite: Sundal.

        Here is another usal recipe, with garlic, and mixed sprouts: i.e. sprout some other beans (e.g. moong, moth etc.) in addition to your kala chana, and make the following:

        All best! You've got a great ingredient there!

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          These are great -- way better than the endless veggieburger/raw hummus variations I found on my own -- and now I know of three good new websites.