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Mar 21, 2010 08:38 PM

Cupcake Truck Alert

Parked and serving tasty treats 8:00A til noon for the next couple of weeks in front of the Green Line Cafe/Powelton (Lancaster Ave between 36th and 37th) while it undergoes renovations.

I've enjoyed the red velvet with cream cheese icing, banana with nutella buttercream, chocolate with vanilla buttercream, and classic vanilla with vanilla buttercream so far. Lots of good things to say: Crumb on the red velvet is outstanding; balance between vanilla buttercream and chocolate cake excellent; had no idea nutella is a great icing flavor.

Gotta try some more!

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  1. i learned about the cupcake truck at a pecha kucha event in west philly one snowy night last winter (off-topic, but these nights can range from downright odd to highly entertaining: ). apparently the cupcake truck owner was a lawyer who just wanted quit her job to bake cupcakes! i finally tracked down this truck at 34th and walnut a couple weeks ago and tried a lemon cupcake with strawberry cream cheese icing. so very moist and sweet and delicious, gone in three bites, and the owner is so friendly and happy! someone's obviously found her calling. that cupcake is probably tied with the termini cupcake (very different cupcake) for my favorite in the city right now.