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Mar 21, 2010 07:51 PM

Barcelona Casual Dining Places

We'll be staying next to the Passeig de Gracia metro station and were wondering if there were any good restaurants within walking distance. We've already picked Cinc Sentis as one of our meals but were looking for more casual places for both Tapas and regular restaurant dining.

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  1. You are right in the middle of the Eixample, an area loaded with good eating places. Except of the Pg de Gracia which is lined with eating places (most are casual and nothing to write home about), the area is large and places might be a few blocks apart. For tapas/pintxos: Paco Meralgo, Taktika Berri, Cat181, Cerverseria Catalana, Cuitat Comtal, Tapac24 are just a few. Everyday eating places: Sant Joan, Foxo, El Barkito for decent seafood; a little more upscale are Fonda Gaig and Embat. Just beyond the Diagonal but still walkable are La Mifanera for good rice dishes and Goliard.

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      Hola snoopy12,
      As PBSF has said, for tapas near Passeig de Gràcia, Tapaç 24. For typical basque pintxos Taktika Berri.
      For a pleasant dinner, I reccomend you Embat (305, Mallorca street). Great food & wines. The chef has worked in the Espai Sucre restaurant. You can see the menu in the web page (
      Enjoy Barcelona

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        PBSF: we had fantastic eating at Paco Meralgo and Taktika Berri 2 years ago thanks to you. At Taktika B, 2 local ladies helped us order some large plates (altho' we were sitting at the high tables near the front door). They were delicious, but I've lost the piece of napkin I took notes on.
        I believe that there was no menu in English.

        Can you help us with a list of some of their interesting warm foods?
        We especially love eggs, fish, crab, lobster, scallops, (not too much mussels). Also love mushrooms (loved the sauteed mushrooms with lots of garlic in San Sebastian). Love also morcilla & pork.

        Thank you again, you made us very happy and this winter we are going back.

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          At Taktika Berri, if you have a counter seat, you can order from the dinner menu that is served in the back sit down dining room. Just ask for the menu and the counter waiter will be happy to translate. The food is mainly traditional Basque: from what I can recall from early October last year, on the menu was cep a la plancha, eggs with wild mushrooms, stuffed red peppers, salt cod soup, monkfish with clams, hake with salsa verde, chuleton de buey.
          The front bar serves simple pintxos: mostly room temperature. Frequently, they will bring out trays of hot items which goes fast if it is busy: they are mostly standard fare: fried stuffed mussels, mushrooms stuffed with chorizo, different types croquetas, fried bacala, hot chorizo pieces, grilled shrimp. They also have a nice dessert cart located between the pintxos bar and the back dining room. One can order from that regardless where one sits. This is probably same experience that you had.

          1. re: PBSF

            Thanks very much PBSF. We'll attempt the dinner menu this trip - I also have a good spanish food dictionary now. We did have a lot of fun staking out the trays of food coming out from the kitchen; as you said, they are gone in less than 5 minutes!

            Can you recommend a similar place in Madrid? We went to a Basque tapas bar, but it was so crowded, and with no seating, was not able to enjoy the food.

            1. re: Julia Chang

              I am not as familiar with the dining scene in Madrid but in general, the tapas eating is much better than Barcelona. Pintxos less so. There are clusters of good tapas places in just about every neighborhood. My first choice is Cava Baja in Latina: Casa Lucas, El Tempranillo, Diaz y Larruy, Julian de Tolosa, Lucio; El Chotis, Casa Lucio, La Posada de la Villa. All good and next to each other. Around La Huertas are La Trucha and La Costa de Vejer on c/de Nunez de Arce, El Cerventes and Taberna de Dolores on Pl de Jesus, La Toscana and El Lacon on c/Manuel Fernande y Gonzales. Around Chueca are Bocaito (terrific), Santander, La Bardemcilla and Cerverseria Santa Barbara. I love the tapas places in Chamberi: Errota Zar, Alboran and El Doble. A little further out just east of the Retiro (around calle Menorca and calle Dr. Castelo) are some very good places that one will find all locals: Lardo, La Castela, Casa Portal, Negur Etxea(pintxos) are just a few. Pintxos places are less common but I did hit on one last year in Cava Baja. The name escaped me but it is located toward the bottom of the street. Good tapas and pintxos places tend to be crowded. If it is not, probably not very good.