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Mar 21, 2010 06:45 PM

Easter brunch suggestions in chicago

My family's coming out to visit for easter and i'm trying to figure out a good place to get easter brunch. I've looked at the Sepia easter menu and it looks pretty good, but i'm new to the city and i don't know of that many places. Any suggestions on the classier/nicer side of things would be great. Thanks

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  1. Some of the classiest brunches in Chicago are at the high-end restaurants in the luxury hotels, such as NoMI in the Park Hyatt, Seasons in the Four Seasons, and the Lobby in the Peninsula. These are elegant, sumptuous buffets, and the price is sumptuous to match ($105 at NoMI and Seasons). However, there are many Easter brunches that are more moderate in price, including buffets as well as those served a la carte.

    Here are two places where you can find listings describing what specific restaurants are offering for brunch.

    Opentable is a free internet reservation service that most of the higher-end restaurants in Chicago use. They have a web page which describes the Easter offerings for some of those restaurants. However, there may be many others for which they accept reservations, but which are not listed on the Easter web page, so don't be afraid to check out brunch offerings for places not listed on that page. It's at:

    Metromix is the entertainment website associated with the Chicago Tribune. They have a listing of Easter brunches, which they continue to update with additional places as it gets closer to the date. You'll find it at:

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      I noticed on the Opentable list that Spiaggia was doing Easter brunch and was curious about the details, since they are normally only open for dinner. They have not yet finalized the menu, but it will be prix fixe selections, with either a three-course (app, main, dessert) for $65, or four-course (adding a pasta course) for $95. That's quite a deal for such a classy/nice place, since Spiaggia is normally much more expensive. Hours are 11-3. (Its casual sibling, Cafe Spiaggia, will be serving from their normal lunch menu.)

      Within the past week or so, lots of restaurants have been sending out e-mails to those on their mailing lists...

    2. I have two favorites:
      - The Signature Room in the John Hancock building. It's a nice mix of dressy and kid friendly. (i.e. People are dressed up but it's buffet and, if I remember correctly, there is someone dressed up as an Easter bunny giving out eggs to the kids)
      - Yoshi's Cafe - sit down, order your own meal, but it's good and more than just your standard brunch

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        Just writing to argue with Signature Room. I haven't done Easter brunch, but after one dinner and two lunches there I swore to never ever eat there again. The food was just plain bad!

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          For the benefit of the OP, who is new to the city... the Signature Room is the restaurant on the 95th Floor of the John Hancock Building. On a clear day, the view is fantastic. The food has had its ups and downs over the years though.

          1. re: nsxtasy

            As someone who was forced into brunch at the Signature Room very recently, it's still a 5-star view with 1-star food. And overpriced for what you get. With a couple of drinks/person it was about $300 for 4. I've done the Four Seasons brunch several times and while it's more expensive, I've never felt that I didn't get value for the money.

            1. re: ferret

              Yup. Here's the downside as I see it. Let's say you make a reservation, knowing that the food isn't the greatest but the view is captivating. But then it turns out that it's a day with low clouds and/or low visibility, so there's no great view, either. So you're stuck going out of your way primarily for a view that isn't even there that day.

      2. The Four Seasons or the RItz Carlton (also a Four Seasons hotel) would be good. I've done brunch at both and both would be family friendly and on the classier/nicer side of things.

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          For $105/person (plus alcohol/tax/tip), it darn well better be! :)

          I've been to their non-holiday Sunday brunch, and it was excellent. But even that is around $65 or so (and that's not exactly inexpensive, either).