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Mar 21, 2010 06:24 PM

Joeys -- Don Mills Centre

Anyone been to Joeys at the Don Mills Center . Went there for lunch today. Room is absolutely stunning. Service for lunch was great. The restaurant was very quiet but started filling up closer to 2.00 pm
We had the lettuce wrap with n oodles and veggies in a heavy peanut sauce. Very nice but tooo saucy and sweet
Wife and I shared the Cheeseburger Sliders ( 3) Very tasty and well presented
We also had a hamburer and fries Burger was tasty an d well cooked but the fries were dissapointing I would expect more than Mc donalds style frozen Mccains fries . All in all a good comfortable resto for either a night out or a casual meal 

Anybody had any views of this restaurant

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  1. Ended up there [unwillingly] for lunch once; didn't like it. Reminds me of that whole Milestone's/Earl's/ etc. genre which doesn't do any food particularly well, and is overpriced to boot. When we were there the oven hoods were down so they told us we couldn't have anything fried [?] which was basically half their menu's sides. Service was pretty slow and incompetent too.

    1. we went last week for dinner. it was too dark for us to see the menu or the food properly.the crowd appeared young. the food was ok, but nothing to rave about.

      1. Never could tolerate this place.....although the servers are hot. Food is not terrible nor terribly good but the whole experience is simply not my thing.

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          Agree with Aardvark. My parents like this place. It is close to their condo and is wheelchair accessible. They eat the lobster mac & cheese sandwich or a burger and pretty much never order anything else. I, on the other hand, desperately comb the menu looking for something remotely healthy, but still tasty. I have tried a half dozen items over the years and the only dish that was worth reordering is the first thing I ate there (a salmon noodle dish with a "spicy" miso sauce). Unfortunately, it was no longer on the menu then next time I was there. Everything else to me seems overpriced for mediocrity. Appetizer items can be tiny, but salads are massive. Constructing a reasonable meal for a reasonable price is very challenging.

          As for service, I have no complaints except that the servers are very young women (mostly) who wear extremely revealing clothes. I can live with the sexy image, but it bothers me that men (young and old) ogle these barely legal ladies.

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            I've only dined at the Eaton Centre location and Calgary locations, but I'm usually happy sharing the 500 salad and an appetizer/fish tacos/ sandwich with a friend. I'm glad the Eaton Centre location is open fairly late. It's a convenient place to eat after concerts at Massey Hall. I find Joey is pretty good for full service chain resto food/ full service mall food.