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Mar 21, 2010 05:52 PM

ISO Fois gras in London

Just wondering where to get fois gras in London, preferably close to the tube.

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  1. Harrods is the easy answer...There are reasons for avoiding the place, but shortage of foie gras is not one of them. Cans and full lobes. They also sell a couple of types of pate de foie gras cut to your size requirement from large terrine dishes. These give you quite a decent foie gras experience without requiring a bank loan. Maybe worth a prior call call to check stock: 0044 207 7235 1234 I think.

    There used to be a Frenchman in Borough Market who sold lovely truffled foie gras pate, and good truffle oil, but his part of BM is currently a building site, so I don't know if he'll be back.

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    1. re: Robin Joy

      there is still a stand ion borough market selling foie gras, pate and the liver too, his stall is just opposite the ginger pig.

    2. You can get it at Mckanna Meats on Theobald's road near Holborn Tube station. It is the lowest priced Foie Gras I've found.

      They also sell well-priced Confit de Canard. It is our one-stop Cassoulet ingredients place since you can also pick up Toulouse sausages.

      We also used to get Foie at Marche du Quartier in Borough Market (they also have a store in Covent Garden btw) but now pretty much rely on McKanna's.

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      1. re: r.vacapinta

        Would second McKanna's, wasn't aware they sold it but if anywhere in London is gonna offer you top quality for respectable prices it's those boys.

        1. re: skut

          I've never bought Foie Gras there, but I just want to further recommend that butchers. My personal favourite in London (if combining both quality and price). I always call it Theobalds though, wrongly of course.

          Their game is outstanding value, as is their veal. I recently cooked Risotto Milanese with Osso Bucco using veal shanks from there. Cost me £12 for 5 people! On a sidenote its probably the best thing I've cooked in the past 6 months.

          I digress, "Theobalds" sounds like the place to get foie gras combining my experience there and the recommendations above. In fact I've been eyeing up a number of Keller foie gras recipes for months, and this might well be the excuse I've been waiting for.

          1. re: chief1284

            Theobalds is also correct, it's what their sign says. McKanna though is their proper name, and the name under which they supply so many restaurants.

            NB I'm an idiot for not remembering this:
            They import and sell wholesale, would imagine them to be the cheapest, send them an email and see if they'll supply you. Can't imagine they'd say no unless they only supply wholesale. Have bought from them before through a chef friend for home use, unimpeachable.

            1. re: skut

              It is a brilliant butchers. Quality meat and terrific value. I remember dry aged rib of beef there being about 15GBP a kilo. Also make sure you go there for game season.
              Very well hung grouse about 6GBP each with a beautiful depth of flavour. If you work in the city it should be on everyone's list

      2. What does the ISO stand for in the OP?

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