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Mar 21, 2010 05:37 PM

NEED BUFFET in NYC 25-40 people-

looking for an upscale hotel or restaraunt that can host 25-40 people on a sat evening for coctails/ buffet

not worried about price point, neighborhood ( ut not meatpacking district) at thispoint- just looking for a nice place, as i'm actually turning 50-

any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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  1. New York is not a buffet town. At all.

    Even for brunch buffets there are maybe 3 or 4.

    The only thing I can thing I can think of would be Churrascaria Plataforma.

    Or are you looking to actually work with the catering and sales department of a hotel to set it up specifically for your group?

    Churrascaria Plataforma
    316 West 49th Street, New York, NY 10019

    1. havent been there for 4 yrs. but i remember minados (sushi, asian food) around 34th street was alright. i would definatly try to go with indian food though if youre going to buffet. for that size maybe brick lane.

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        I wouldn't consider minado's upscale. the food was quite terrible when i went and the atmosphere will probably not fit the OP's request.

        I agree with Chow_girl...plataforma is probably your best best. For that size, they can give you a private room

        1. re: kelea

          whoops. didnt see the upscale request.

        2. re: daffyduck

          Most Indian spots only offer buffets at lunch.

          1. re: chow_gal

            yeah youre right and all the indian buffets i know arent upscale. i didnt catch that in the original post

            1. re: daffyduck

              Yes it is an oxymoron IMO: upscale buffet.

              1. re: chow_gal

                An oxymoron that just reconfirms: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas for a reason!

                Seriously, though, Nadine, you might also consider Korean places in the West 20s. They're not usually thought of as "upscale", but with some due diligence, you may find something to your taste.

                EDIT: Patroon on E.46 is also good at managing private affairs.

        3. I believe the Mariot Marquis-the View has wonderful buffet-call them-even the lighter menus are substantial and the view is... well quite a view!

          1. A lot of the lounges in midtown east can do a private room/section and have passed appetizers or stations set up. I'm not sure how upscale you are looking for, however. I just have done research in the past for work related functions. I'd think they'd be willing to work a deal with you if you are planning to come in on the earlier side before the bar crowd comes in.

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              I have looked at the expensive places- 230 fifth, bryant park hotel, tribeca grill, etc- so "upscale buffet or appetizer stations" doesn't appear to be oxymoron at all...and thanks phil ogelos and bkfan16 for some useful suggestions- I have already considered Patroon but do not want a steakhouse environment as i have some vegetgarian friends-

              For more reasonable places, consisdering Crispos. Elizabeths, Le Zie, Remi- any more options welcome!

              240 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011

              Le Zie
              172 7th Ave, New York, NY 10011