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Mar 21, 2010 05:29 PM

Looking for kielbasa in Pittsburgh area

I grew up outside of Pittsburgh and remember my parents buying kielbasa from a place called Ferlan's (sp), but I cannot find it.

Does anyone know of this place, store name, address, phone number, website?

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  1. Schwartz Market: 1317 East Carson Street: Pittsburgh, PA 15203 - no website that I know of... Take it from my family that grew up and some still live there -that's (one of) the places to get kielbasa (authentic).

    Pittsburgh, PA
    Pittsburgh, PA, Pittsburgh, PA

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      I think Parma Sausage in the strips makes kielbasa. They make all of their own products in house. I also really like everything I've had at Strip District Meats.

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        Schwartz Market closed last year.

        DJ's Butcher Block in Bloomfield makes a very good kielbasa, but I imagine it's in pretty short supply this time of year.

      2. S&D Deli in the strip district seems to have a decent selection:

        I've only ever had the port stew on dumplings from their deli, but the pictures of sausages on their website look mouthwatering.

        1. If you want some of tehe best kielbasa made in the burg try following.

 (made in McKees Rock) They have the rights to mission street kielbasa which was made at the mission street deli on the south side slopes. It is not shown on their web page, but it is some of the best around.
          I'm sure that if you look hard enough you might still fine a local guy who makes their own. I tried polish hill deli but they bring in chicago. I also buy hungarian (I'm half hungarian) from a meat guy who sells at rogers flea market near youngstown ohio.
          there are also a few places that sell pierogi and i know one that will mail to you.

          also if you really want a treat, try some head cheese with onion and mustard on a good deli rye; you'll love it!!!!

          1. The best Kielbasa in the Pittsburgh area IMHO comes from a family owned and run smokehouse in Crabtree, PA called Bardine's Country Smokehouse.

            Not only is their standard Kielbasa great, the jalapeno and cheddar one is superb.

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              I saw you post this before about jerky, and had to check Bardine's out. (living in Greensburg area, couldn't pass up ) I am not a real big fan of the jalapeno cheddar, but I dont really go for that combo in general. It depends where playngolf lives or wants to travel.. Worth a trip to Bardines just to check out Family butcher.. not very common in American anymore

              What else do you rec from Bardines?

              Even though I thought the jerk was very expensive .. (never shoped around for normal prices though) 22-25/pound

              1. re: Augie6

                I mainly tend towards their sausages. Their Bratwursts are good but my favorite is the tomato basil sausage. They have an amazing amount of nuance for a humble sausage. I like to simply simply grill them and cut them into rounds with some toothpicks during the warmer months as the perfect accompaniment to any sort of refreshing beverage. I do think their jerky is excellent and especially the turkey jerky.

                Sometimes the trip is just worth the smell of the place.

                1. re: GardeManger

                  I will have to try that Tomato Basil sausage... sounds good

              2. re: GardeManger

                I live in California coming from the Pittsburgh area. I am a Kielbasa lover being a hunkie from the burg. Bardines is the best there is anywhere. I get some out here from a German butcher in Alpine Village near Torrance and it is good. But I would put Bardine's up against any ones keilbasa. I will be in the burgh this coming Sept and you can bet I will send about 30 lbs out here to Calif.

                1. re: milcar1

                  Check out Butcher on Butler in the old Foster's Meats space at 5145 Butler St in Lawrenceville. Mike is using Foster's original, decades-old kielbasa recipe, and it goes fast.

              3. I know this is an old posting, but I was just watching the movie, "Runner Runner". In an early scene, Ben Affleck mentions how he can't get "(blank's) kielbasa and cheese" from some joint and says "can you imagine how that hurts a Steelers' fan". I missed the name of the place he was referring to... I never thought about having kielbasa with cheese... I'm assuming they mean on a bun or something... maybe with onions... Does anyone know the name of the place he was referring to? Thanks.

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                1. re: Moimoi

                  I read in an article about a Pgh actor in the film that Primanti brothers was mentioned. Maybe he is refering to a primanti's brothers kielbasa and cheese sandwich??

                  1. re: ML PAVACT

                    Thanks ML Pavact! You're 100% correct. I was obsessed about finding out the answer and found out that it was Primanti Brothers. Would you agree that is an accurate statement? Are their kielbasa and cheese sandwiches the best???

                    1. re: Moimoi

                      I have to admit I don't think I ever got the Kielbasa there. As I haven't lived in the Burgh in 20 years but do visit family at least once a year. I don't get to enjoy Pittsburgh food as much as I would like. So much good food, so little time when we visit.

                      But I have enjoyed all of the Primanti sandwiches I have had. But often get a Rudy's Mushroom cheesesteak sub (in Swissvale) or a battleship/destroyer from the Triangle Grill (also in Swissvale).