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Mar 21, 2010 05:13 PM

East Main Street Bridgeport

I would love a discussion of all the little hole in the wall places from i-95 to Beardsley Park on East Main Street. There are so many ethnic places on this street that there have got to be some gems which I haven't yet tried.

To my surprise, Ramirez Restaurant is one of the few (if not only) places other than New Haven to offer cortaditos around here. In New Haven, it's the cigar place that serves them - Owl? Haven't tried the food at Ramirez - it's Dominican and Puerto Rican - I only go to shoot back those lovely little coffee drinks.

Vinny's has old school red sauce Italian comfort food and oily, greasy (in a good way) pizza.

Across the street to the left of the gas station are some of the best egg n' cheese breakfast sandwiches around served behind the counter in a newspaper store.

Large Puerto Rican food restaurant at the old DMV. Nothing spectacular, IMO, but several varieties of mofongo.

And a place that is alluding me - a window in the back of a three story apartment building that serves supposedly amazing Mexican food at lunch - anyone know where that is??!

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