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Mar 21, 2010 04:57 PM

Where to eat and drink before and after a concert

I'm wondering, where is the best place to grab a bite near Massey Hall. Are there any really late night places to grab really good food near Massey Hall? Also, also the show would be good too. And any really fun late night places to grab a cocktail after? I'd love to make sure the grub is on par with CHs' tastes since I'm visiting. Thanks!

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  1. What kind of food, price range, atmosphere are you seeking? How late is "really late night"... and what night of the week (weekend nights might give you more options).

    Some of my favourite in that neighbourhood are The Queen and Beaver (gastropub), Starfish (for seafood) and many like Harlem (I haven't been yet). All of these are a 10-15 minute walk, abut I can't think of anything very serviceable right on Massey's doorstep.

    Q&B might have late-r night dining options, but you'd have to do some research.

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      Hi Rabbit!

      Price range is open! It can be high end, it can be cheap. Atmosphere - fun, but not too crazy would be nice. It's a weeknight unfortunately. I think the concert is probably not going to be done till 11 pm?

      It doesn't even have to be super close - just in that area. I probably won't have time to grab dinner before the show so it'd be after. Something good for a solo diner would be nice!

      I'll check on Q & B. Thanks!

    2. mexican place near king/john is good.

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        Oops.. mixed this up with RTH. Feel free to ignore.

      2. I haven't been myself, and maybe not a spot to grab a "cocktail" since it is a beer place, but, I here the food is pretty good and it has good reviews here on Chow.

        Duggan's Brewery

        1. Guu isn't that far away and would be a fun spot for great food after the show - possibly the only time you may get in without waiting in line. Their kitchen is open pretty late, as I recall. Not sure about their cocktail menu.

          1. We walked down to Terroni on Adelaide before the last Massey Hall concert we went to. It is pretty close by (at or around Victoria St.).