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Mar 21, 2010 04:39 PM

local and organic sources?

My husband and I are trying hard to eat local and organic. Anyone use a CSA? What other places have people used for yummy, quality food-both restaurants and co-ops etc.? I would like to know of some actual farms we can drive out to get meat , dairy, and poultry.

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    here is one source of Mn grown. You can get a booklet, or you can use the web page interactive.

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      Home run. This is the best advise. We use this site and catalog weekly.

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        Hey Foureyes-- have you gone out to any of the farms that sell meat & poultry? We've mostly used the site/catalog for pick-your-own fruit but we'd like to visit beef, pork, chicken farms... Would love to know if you have a favorite.

    2. We love our CSA-- Big River Farms. It's run by the MN Food Association and is certified organic.

      We love our co-op, Mississippi Market.

      And we love the St. Paul Farmer's Market, which is crawling with great local farms, many of which are organic, whether certified or not.

      As well as lots of restaurants, including such gems as Brasa, Ngon, Strip Club, Heartland, Craftsman, etc., etc., etc.... which use local and sustainable sourcing.

      We are very lucky to live where we live.

      The Strip Club
      378 Maria Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55106


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          +1 on joining a co-op. You can buy organic (and, sometimes, organic AND local) at pretty much any of the supermarket chains in town. But a share at a co-op is a vote for organic and sustainable and as local as possible. Most co-op memberships entitle you to a voice in the operation of the co-op and to special discounts. In fact, at my co-op (also Mississippi Market), there are enough discounts that it's not hard to get back your share investment within a year. Very easy decision.

        2. Once summer is here again you might like to take a drive out to Sam Kedem's Nursery & Farm -- all organic strawberries, raspberries, sour cherries, apples that you can pick. He also has some produce and eggs for sale in the farm/nursery store. Sam also comes to the St Paul Farmer's Market (maybe only on Saturday?) but if he brings fruit with him it sells out VERY quickly. His place is out just past Hastings-- nice drive. Call ahead, though, to see what he has to pick on any given day.

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            I'm interested in this also. I've been getting Hope butter but heard Pastureland was even more Organic. A good source is which ranks farms. Larry Schultz eggs from Owatanna are highly rated. Also Cedar Summit Dairy in New Prague.