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Best places for solo traveler

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Hi there! I'll be in Montreal soon and have already got some great suggestions from the CHs about where to go for supper. ADPC is booked ;) I might head to Joe Beef and some others.

Since I am traveling alone, do you have suggestions for places to go after supper, for a cocktail or snack in the later evening? I know there are bars and cafes everywhere but it's hard to say what is the 'go to' place for someone alone, who enjoys a fine cocktail and bite to eat. And maybe even a bit fun?

Would appreciate any help. Thanks!

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  1. I would go to "La Salle à Manger" (http://lasalleamanger.ca/) good ambience, menu is similar in spirit to APdC, but a bit less excessive, and mostly not that many tourists!! I was there this past thursday and the place was packed and there was a good vibe at the bar.

    Other suggestions :
    3 petits bouchons (for the wine list), Pullman(wine bar), Lemeac (for the post 22h menu specials @ $22), Baldwin (bar), Phillps lounge (lounge), Reservoir (beer and tapas/snacks), Assommoir (for mixed drinks and foosd in Old-Montreal


    I've heard good things about the new "Taverne Square Dominion" (http://www.tavernedominion.com/), but i've not been there yet.

    I haven't heard from "Joe Beef" in a while (here at least), don't know what's happening there recently.