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Mar 21, 2010 03:53 PM

Quinoa in the Cholent - Has anyone done it?

Has anyone had or made cholent with quinoa as a barley substitute? Should I try it?

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    1. I've done it because of a celiac friend. Comes out well. Just to tinker with the ratios because quinoa absorbs water at a slightly different rate.

      1. comes out nicely. I personally like barley, but quinoa is a nice alternative.

        1. Quinoa needs quick cooking, not soaking in liquid for hours. That being said, you could cook the quinoa separately, then pour the hot ingredients over it for serving. We've done this to avoid having gummy basmati rice. Be sure and wash the quinoa thoroughly. if you don't, it can taste bitter. I've been told that the Incas used to wash their hair in the foam released when you rinse it.

          1. If you cook it with beans, ketchup, and chili spices it makes for a wonderful ground beef texture but more nutritious.