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Boiled Crawfish

I know the crawfish may still be a little expensive now, but we are looking for a restaurant where we can get some good boiled crawfish. We are staying near French Quarter for a conference this weekend. We have international guests we want to take out. We want a casual place where we can get pans (& pans) of crawfish.

Thanks for any references.

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  1. I drove past Lucy's surfers bar and it looked like they were preparing for some kind of boil.

    1. On Fridays starting at 4 PM Ernst and Lucy's have boiled crawfish and Abita beer pretty cheap.

      1. Rent a car.
        Go to Salvos Seafood in Belle Chasse.
        Thank me later.

        1. Well, they are not a "little expensive"...they are over $5/lb (boiled) in Acadiana--and I am not talking about roadside tourist places either. What IS little is the size (although I saw some decent sized ones at The Chimes in Baton Rouge on Sunday afternoon)

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            I got a sack for $2.85/lb live from Schafer's in Buck Town on Saturday. Very nice size. They were selling them for $3/lb boiled.

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              that is pefectly reasonable but man-o-man does teh rpice for boiled fluctuate wildly--at least from what I saw this weekend

          2. I second Salvo's in Belle Chasse, plus you will get a sense and atmosphere of a really local place. Have fun!

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              How much are they getting? I have been doing some work over there lately and might stop by.

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                3.99 lb boiled this past Saturday.

                They have an all you can eat special which includes king and blue crabs for ~$33 I believe. I usually order a la carte since I cant put away that much food!

            2. I would recommend calling anywhere before going to insure they had boiled crawfish.
              Galley Restaurant on Old Metairie Road. Best overall Fresh, not necessarily fried, Seafood in the city. Or try Deanies on Dauphine Street. Deanies in Bucktown generally have boiled crawfish. Salvo's in Belle Chasse is good and a little further than The Galley.

              Deanie's Restaurant
              1016 Annunciation St, New Orleans, LA 70130