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Mar 21, 2010 03:14 PM

Boiled Crawfish

I know the crawfish may still be a little expensive now, but we are looking for a restaurant where we can get some good boiled crawfish. We are staying near French Quarter for a conference this weekend. We have international guests we want to take out. We want a casual place where we can get pans (& pans) of crawfish.

Thanks for any references.

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  1. I drove past Lucy's surfers bar and it looked like they were preparing for some kind of boil.

    1. On Fridays starting at 4 PM Ernst and Lucy's have boiled crawfish and Abita beer pretty cheap.

      1. Rent a car.
        Go to Salvos Seafood in Belle Chasse.
        Thank me later.

        1. Well, they are not a "little expensive"...they are over $5/lb (boiled) in Acadiana--and I am not talking about roadside tourist places either. What IS little is the size (although I saw some decent sized ones at The Chimes in Baton Rouge on Sunday afternoon)

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          1. re: hazelhurst

            I got a sack for $2.85/lb live from Schafer's in Buck Town on Saturday. Very nice size. They were selling them for $3/lb boiled.

            1. re: Shiloh

              that is pefectly reasonable but man-o-man does teh rpice for boiled fluctuate wildly--at least from what I saw this weekend

          2. I second Salvo's in Belle Chasse, plus you will get a sense and atmosphere of a really local place. Have fun!

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            1. re: Liz Gober

              How much are they getting? I have been doing some work over there lately and might stop by.

              1. re: hazelhurst

                3.99 lb boiled this past Saturday.

                They have an all you can eat special which includes king and blue crabs for ~$33 I believe. I usually order a la carte since I cant put away that much food!