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Mar 21, 2010 02:57 PM

Best Beef Ho Fun (aka Beef Hor Fun) in Toronto?

I have loved this Chinese noodle dish, ever since trying it at Noodle Delight many many moons ago (there it was known as the Kobe Beef Noodle). I have since tried it at various restaurants with varying degrees of success. Where is your favourite being served?

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  1. One of those dishes that seems hard to screw-up. I usually like it at most places, but don't recall a particularly stand-out place. Can usually be ordered at full restaurants, congee places, or HK style cafes. Because I don't find huge variances, I usually like to order it when at the less expensive HK cafes.

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      I guess I'm looking more for something that really stands out in your mind. It's true that most are good, but which ones are really, really, really good?

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        I still go to the Noodle Delight on Vic Park and Sheppard. Kobe, chicken wings and chili oil is still a great treat after all these years. Congee King and Queen make a great version of Beef Ho Fun consistently. Arden Fast food at the food court in First Markham Place makes does too.

        Like an omelet in French kitchens many Cantonese restaurants use this basic item as a test for new cooks. It takes a lot of skill to make this simple dish of rice noodles, beef, bean sprouts and onions spectacular.

        Congee King Restaurant
        4271 Sheppard E, Toronto, ON M1S4G4, CA

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          i have the congee queen menu, can't seem to locate this dish?

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            This is the dish being talked about...variety of names are used.

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              E31 "Fried Rice Noodle with Sliced Beef and Soya Sauce"

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                Thanks, sounds like that will be my sodium intake for the day. Live right around the corner from Congee, so will try it out

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            I think you are looking for what is known as "wok hay" in your rice noodle. It is hard to find but I have experienced it at a few places.

            I'm trying to remember where but the only one I can think of right now is Saigon Star. I can't remember if it's the rice noodle with beef, soy sauce and bean sprouts or if it had XO sauce or something like that. I also second Restaurant Malaysia.

        2. This is actually a variation on Beef Hor fun, but if you are ever in the area I urge you to try it. There is a place in Richmond Hill called Restaurant Malaysia at Bayview and Major Mac. the dish is called Penang Fried Kuay Teow, this dish does not actually have beef in it. If you like spicy (I do) then you should try the Black Peppered Beef Kuay Teow.
          Both of these dishes use noodles that are very similar to ho fun, just a slightly different size.

          1. I get my takeout from Arden's, in the Yee Hong centre food court at McNicoll and Midland in Scarborough. For $3.99 (I think it may have raised up in price), you get a take out box full of "gon chow ngau hor," ie. dry stir-fried beef noodles, AND a drink! It's got great "wok power," which translates to having that fragrant almost-burnt flavour. You can tell them to make it to your specifications too - not too much oil, no MSG, etc..

            1. noodle wok is still the best!

              1. Yum! Keep the suggestions coming.
                Thanks to all so far.