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recipes for using up mediocre marmalade?

i bought a jar of orange marmalade and it's subpar at best. my request of course goes against the principle of "start with the best ingredients", but i hate the thought of pitching it...any suggestions for how to use it up? i'm looking for vegetarian recipes (savory or sweet are welcomed). thanks in advance!

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  1. Imagine it's made with cow gelatin, then you can safely pitch it in the trash.

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    1. I make a great glaze for savory dishes by adding grated ginger, minced garlic, soy sauce and sesame oil.

      You could brush it on firm tofu after grilling. I like it on chicken.

      1. you could make red-eye gravy for grits. if you're not into ham put a tablespoon of the fat of your choice in a small pan. melt/heat it. add a cup of strong coffee and a dollop of your marmalade and heat through.

        sandwich cookies with vanilla wafers?

        1. Use it:
          - to sweeten sorbet, ice cream, or smoothies.
          - in a citrus vinaigrette.
          - to sweeten homemade fruit jello.

          1. Thanks for these great ideas! I have a large jar of it, so I might split it between using it as a tofu glaze as well as mixing it into a vinaigrette. Will report back!

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              Oh dear! Never buy large of an unknown item! But I guess you figured that out by now, in addition to what others suggested...if you make muffins, half fill the muffin cup, add a good dollop of that stuff and then add more muffin mix.

              Honestly I grew up in the restaurant business and priced out alot of costs. It ALWAYS comes out cheaper to chuck a bad purchase like this then to "use it up".

            2. A cool "cure" for cloyingly sweet, poor-quality marmalade would be the addition of some spice: chili pepper flakes, Vietnamese pickled finger peppers or the like. I would use it on meats, you can use it on soy-dried tofu strips with grilled leeks and grilled mushrooms.

              Good booze goes a long way in making mediocre condiments palatable. Add cognac, rum or bourbon to it and use in desserts.

              I'm often in the same boat as you, kermit. I buy stuff and refuse to throw it out -- but then I spend even more money trying to "use it up." Ack!

              1. I'd make a marmalade cake, preferably one that relies on other bold flavors to balance it. I love this decadent but not too sweet Earl Grey Chocolate Cake. If you use good dark bitter chocolate and aromatic tea, even too-sweet marmalade will work well.


                  1. This is good:

                    Rich and Sticky Gingerbread with Marmalade


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                      I clipped that recipe when it came out, but have never got around to trying it, so I'm glad to hear you like it!

                    2. Epicurious has a fantastic recipe for a pork loin with a chipotle/marmalade sauce! The sauce is to-die-for!!!


                      1. You can also work it into sweet and sour sauces and orange flavored glazes.

                        1. Oatmeal jam bars with the marmalade as the filling

                          1. Nigella's storecupboard chocolate cake uses marmalade and is easy and delicious. I also made this once, to rave reviews: