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Mar 21, 2010 02:23 PM

Temecula Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Getting Married in Temecula this summer and am looking for a location for the rehearsal dinner. What i'd like to see is a family style place (not standard each person orders and not buffet style). Perhaps something like a Buca-Di-Bepo style where I can order 10-15 different entree's to share, or maybe even a Tapa's type place. Maybe even a sushi place where we can order 40 rolls etc.

Getting married at a winery, so maybe we'll stay away from wine....but it'd be nice to have a place who could do pitchers of margarita at a discounted rate or a specific beverage/beer at a happy hour price (ie. designate a discounted drink of the night vs. just telling people to order at will).

We are looking for room for 20 or 25 people and something more "nice" casual rather than formal.

Any suggestions are much appreciated!

(I put in SD as I figure that'd get best results, but if it needs to be in the Cali Board...understood).

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  1. Doubtful you'll find any place that is going to discount any alchohol. Doesn't hurt to try but I wouldn't get your hopes up too high. The best place I can think of in that area, and pickings are slim, is the Stone Brewery Bistro. They're part of the locally grown, organic trend too, so by early/mid Summer you should see some pretty high quality ingredients.

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