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Mar 21, 2010 01:45 PM

Must have!

Im a young cook and im tryng to figure out stuff i need for my kitchen.
what are some things that you have to have in your kitchen?
whats the best one?
where can you find it the cheapest?
im also looking into a pizza stone for baking if any one has any ideas or suggestions.

thanks for the help!
p.s if you have any more tips or ideas for me please let me know.

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  1. The main "stuff" I have are knives. I like a good mid-range Sabatier which I buy from John Lewis (which may be not at all a useful source for you unless you live in the UK). I also wouldnt be without my Y peeler - there everywhere and even good ones (like Good Grips) are cheap as chips.

    I also have a great collection of "stuff" that I thought would be really useful gadgets. They now live at the back of the cupboard - at least I think they are still there.

    1. You might want to check out this article from Mark Bittman.

      For a cheap serviceable pizza stone you can go to a home improvement store and get an unglazed piece of quarry or ceramic tile, that's what I've used for years and it works.

      1. The most used thing in my kitchen other than my stove is my IPOD Docking Station, I must have music playing while cooking! ;)

        Other than that, my Knives...I must have good knives ...Wusthof knives are my favorite, please do not buy cheap knoves, spend the money.

        Another handy dandy gadget my husband can not live without is his Garlic Press, he loves that darn thing. As for the cheapest, I live ib Bermuda, there is NOTHING cheap here, so I am unable to help in that area.

        As you start to cook and discover what you can do in the kitchen and what you enjoy cooking you will know more and more what you need...

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        1. re: bermudagourmetgoddess

          i know what you mean but I just dont want to be the person who buys all the little gadgets. i have great Calphalon knives..they are the best presents i have gotten in my life!

        2. Buy a good quality enameled Dutch Oven. Indispensible for braises, stews, chili, etc. A kitchen-aid or other standing type mixer and a food processor are really handy, too. I would also try to find a cast iron skillet, preferably used and loved (and seasoned...) @ a garage or tag sale. Have fun!! adam

          1. When I was about your age a neighbor who was about my age gave me this advice: "You can't afford cheap tools." He was referring to wrenches, screwdrivers, etc., but the same advice applies here. But you don't have to spend lots to get decent quality "cooking tools."

            A good digital thermometer is a must. A reasonably priced one (less than $20) with a wide range and fast response time is a CDN Pro Accurate Quick-Read DTQ450X.


            I have had one like this for several years and have found it to be fast and accurate.

            I also caution you NOT to buy a large knife set. You only nee about three or four knives to start with. Forchner knives are highly rated by Cooks Illustrated. This three-piece set is a good starter with good customer reviews:


            You might also want to add a serrated bread knife to the set.

            The same advice goes for cookware. You will get lots of advice on what you "must have" but a set is not necessary. Buy pieces as you need them.

            A good kitchen timer and a digital scale are good to have also. I am partial to My Weigh scales, and the 7001DX in particular. The scale has a 15# capacity and is less than $35 from Old Will Knot


            That's my list. Continue to ask questions here as they come up. There are no dumb questions, and there are lots of people always willing to help. Good luck and happy cooking.

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            1. re: al b. darned

              I was going to say the same thing. Don't waste money on cheap stuff you are going to have to replace. Buy the est you can afford even it means stretching a bit. Good knives definitely a must. You don't have to break the bank. Forschners and Macs are found in professional kitchens and take an edge well. Check out thrift shops, garage, moving sales etc. I picked up one of my favorite cast iron skillets at a trhift shop. It was gunked up with old burnt on grease. I ran it through the self cleaning cycle and then reseasoned it. It would now be pricy in an antiques shop. It is a very old Wagner skillet.