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Mar 21, 2010 01:44 PM


I live in Boca Raton and the only good bakeries I am aware of are the Flakowitz in Boynton and at the Boys Market in Delray. I grew up in New York at a time when every neighborhood had a great scratch bakery. Are there any other good bakeries around that I'm not aware of?

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  1. An absolutely great Italian bakery is on Congress and Boynton Beach Blvd. in Boynton Beach. It is on the South East in the Chuckie Cheese Mall. Not to be missed.

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      Sorry . . . the name of the bakery is Palermo.

    2. Here's a short thread about local bakeries:

      Karen and I really like Joseph's Italian Pastry Shop but this afternoon we had a very good cannoli at at Mona Lisa Coal Oven Pizza. It's a brick oven pizza place but apparently they were well known for their fresh-baked pastries when they were in NYC. Both are in Deerfield Beach and are mentioned in the thread referenced above.

      Joseph's Italian Market on Military north of Palmetto (5250 Town Center Circle) has a decent bakery as well.

      1. there are breads sold at the local green markets on Saturdays - Delray and Boca although the Boca one closes down at the end of season.

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          Try La Bonne Bouche in Lake Worth. Awesome bread and French Pastries.

        2. found a tiny bakery today in Delray on Atlantic next to the Blue Anchor Pub on the intracoastal. I just bought a coffee but their bread and pastries looked great.

          1. Check out the bakery at the Fresh Market at Dixie and Camino Real. I've never been disappointed with their selections or quality.