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Mar 21, 2010 01:19 PM

Replacing batteries Aerolatte milk frother, how?

Hi -

Need to replace batteries on my stainless Aerolatte milk frother. When I take off the silver end cap - I see a black plastic barrier with two hard silver prongs bent over onto the plastic. The instructions don't say how to replace batteries, and my email submitted on the Aerolatte site has gone unanswered, so far. Although the motor is supposed to last 5 years, I don't think these gizmos are that well putt together that I can just start taking parts a part, and hope to get it back together again. Thought better to ask first. Maybe when I remove the endcap, the plastic barrier should be removed in conunction with the endcap - and the batteries are beneath that?

Help would be appreciated from others who have changed batteries.

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  1. hi
    i have one & i didnt know how to open UNTIL my brother came just now and tell me

    -first ; the silver end cap must be replaced again to its place & be careful so as not to be broken ok :)

    -second ; the plastic barrier with two hard silver must be fully fitted into the silver end cap

    -finally, and very easy way to open it is to SLIDE IT DOWN TO ONE SIDE ACCORDDING TO THE ARROW LEFT/RIGHT U CAN TRY IT.

    could u tell me if u open it or still not & i can help u more by another way like video or whatever :) :)))
    keep smile