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Mar 21, 2010 01:10 PM

Your Recipes for Chicken Hearts?

I cribbed the marinade from Chris Cosentino's recipe for beef heart ( in preparing some grilled chicken hearts yesterday. Basically, that meant putting a bunch of trimmed chicken hearts in white wine, OJ and garlic for an hour or so, then tossing them in some olive oil and grilling them. They turned out great, and I loved the crispy outside-to-dark meat inside ratio. I'm wondering what your favorite chicken heart recipes are. It's such a cute and tasty ingredient!

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  1. I haven't cooked hearts, but have been playing around with gizzards, which are very close in flavor and texture. I braised them in tomato-chicken broth, with onions, garlic, and sweet peppers, then thickened the sauce with cream cheese. Another time, I sliced them and used them instead of ground beef in a typical spaghetti sauce. Both dishes were good but I think next time I'll mince the gizzards for the latter dish, so the texture is closer to typical sauce. Sam Fujisaka says that stroganoff made with gizzards tastes like beef, but I haven't tried that one thus far. I don't know about hearts, but someone posted that a cup of gizzards has nearly double the daily recommendation of my enthusiasm has dimmed somewhat!

    1. On a bamboo skewer and done as salt-grill over high heat, with a little mirin painted onto them just before serving.

      As Peruvian anticucho too, though that's pretty much the same manner but with different flavorings.