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Mar 21, 2010 12:47 PM

The Princess Victoria, Uxbridge Road/Shepherd's Bush, London

Exceptionally rich potted crab -- a thin layer of fat, beneath a medium layer of sweet snowy crabmeat, and the riches of caramel coloured fat from just beneath the shell. Sharply dressed frisee and green beans provided a bite of acidity to cut that richness, and crispy melba toast for a textural counterpoint.

Good hearty beefy flavours in the ribeye, pleasant triple fried potatoes with a crunchy surface, fairly concentrated fruitiness in the oven dried tomtatoes, simple green beans and a rich tangy bearnaise sauce to finish off the beef. A medium to full bodied montepulciano drank well with the beef, fruity, earthy, slightly "dusty," finishing with a bright lick of acidity.

Solid sticky toffee pudding, fully permeated with the toffee sauce, enhanced with pecans and a good vanilla ice cream.

They also retail wine by the bottle.

Handsome space, graceful with seeming age, a very comfortable dining room with skylights and pretty painted reliefs.

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  1. I'm feeling totally overexposed to this kind of food these days but damn, Limster, you made that all sound delicious!

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    1. re: skut

      I know what you mean about being overexposed to a type of food. Been going through different will probably be African places in Deptford.

      1. re: limster

        Look forward to hearing the results of your adventures!

      2. re: skut

        After three solid weeks of Asian food in Thailand/Cambodia, Laos this sounds great!