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Mar 21, 2010 12:46 PM

Guu on a Sunday

Anyone been on a Sunday lately? We were thinking of heading there around 8 tonight with a group of 6. Any idea how long we'll be waiting?


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  1. I was there this Sun. My bf and I got there around 830 and we got seated just past 930. When we arrived there were at least eight parties in front of us. We left at 1130 and the place was still packed with only one table empty.

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      How are line-ups nowadays? My friend and I were contemplating it for NYE... and I was like, "Noo way..." thinking that it'd be even more busy because it's a special day .....................

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        NYE lineup at 8:30 p.m. was about 40 minutes long for our group of 5. Other couples reported about 30 minutes wait time. When we left shortly after 10, lineup was still going strong.

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          I went on a Wednesday night at 7:30pm a couple weeks ago and was told it would be a 2+ hour wait. I have a bad luck with Guu though... we were told in the summer the wait was so long, we wouldn't get in before they closed.

          2 hours is a long time to stand outside in the cold waiting for dinner.

          398 Church Street, Toronto, ON M5B 2A2, CA

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            Not sure if they've been doing this since the beginning (we always try to start lining up even before it opens, so we always get in for 5pm) but when we went the other night at 5:15 or so, the guy at the door took down our name and cell number, so that they could call us when a table was ready for us. We waited in Bulldog Cafe and nursed two chai lattes when we received a call maybe 45 minutes later. So give it a shot...

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              I don't know the exact details but we asked about this when we went last week (Wed) and they said they don't do it for parties of two.

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                I was there on Christmas Eve and we were just a party of two and they asked us if we wanted them to take down our cell phone number.

        2. Two of us went last Sunday around 9 and it was about a 15 minute wait. The didn't offer and we didn't ask about the phone call thing since it was such a short wait. But we saw them calling others that looked to be parties of 2 so we may have just shown up at the right time. Larger parties showed up after us and were told 30 - 45 minutes and gave their number so that night it seemed to be more about wait time than party size for the call.

          They also have hot tea outside to sip on while you wait.

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            We waited about 45 minutes --- no hot tea offered to us. We asked that they turn on the heat lamps since it was so cold. I guess based on these reports it seems they are a bit inconsistent.

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              hi there,

              i know this thread is a little old but i'm planning on going to guu on a wednesday and i'm wondering what time i should go for...i'd prefer a later dinner but if the waits are too long, i wouldnt want to risk not getting in. anyone been lately?? anyone know if it's quieted down a little??

              also what do i HAVE to order? i eat a lot of japanese food so i'll try anything

              thank you!

              1. re: kellyhay

                You should be fine. I go in at 10pm usually and it's pretty thin (at the Annex Guu)

                Also, the Annex Guu has a sushi chef that can easily compete with the best in the city (Sei-San at Zen and Kaji San etc). He's been doing 5 piece sushi plates for around 12 bucks. His Oshi Zushi is also great, probably my favorite thing there. Definitely things you have to order at Annex Guu.

                398 Church Street, Toronto, ON M5B 2A2, CA